A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Is there an offer page for AO3 invites? I also have a couple to donate!

Is the searchable fandom database only for fanfiction?

Also, can we leave our suggestions on this post?

No, if you use the drop-down for "offering" on the search you can search for other things too -- and the "Browse by fandom" should snag everything; graphics, art, whatever:-)

Is it only supposed to have stuff that is in the current auction? Or will it be used to keep track of things produced by the auction?

It will be used to add stuff in current and future auctions yes. We haven't added stuff from the closed ones, because it seemed az little pointless if you couldn't bid on them anymore anyway.

(recommented from correct account this time)

Also, can we leave our suggestions on this post?

Yes, please. :o)

I would suggest merging Transformers (movie) category and Transformers. Transformers continuity is such a tangled mess that any attempt to separate it out on archives inevitably leads to tears, frustration, and possible summoning of The Goat With a Thousand Young. This is one of the main frustrations I often hear about AO3 and Aff.net. FF.net has started down that path by separating out the movie continuity, and it's caused major headaches when trying to find fanfiction.

Also there's not that much been offered from Transfandom, and so it seems kind of silly to have two separate categories with 1-2 items in each.

Fixed! (And more suggestions for category merges are more than welcome -- especially animes because I'm pretty sure some of those are the same but I don't know which.)

PLEASE TAKE TIME OUT AND CONFIRM MY DONATION TO MY OFFERERS. They have been waiting and I have been waiting for over a week for confirmation. I have resent it and resent it and I have never gotten a reply back!!!!!

Hello! Please move your question to the questions thread here. Comment notifications are likely switched off on this post, so your question will not get to the right person. I don't have access to the mailbox, so unfortunately can't check it for you, but I don't see your donations ticked off in our file, either, so, given that you've never received a reply, there may be some kind of problem with the reception of your mail? Anyway, please take it over there so heidi8 can look into it for you. Thank you!

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