A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Offering Something Interesting
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you would like to offer something that you don't think is covered by any of the Offering posts below, feel free to post your offer as a comment to this post.

Since we are going to have a second round of auctions later this winter, the goal for this round will be for things that can be delivered by February 14, although if you want to offer something with a later delivery date, please indicate that in the Additional Info section. Also, if you are offering more than one item, or would like to indicate a "reserve" of up to $50, please indicate so in the Additional Info section.

This auction will close on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at approximately noon Eastern Standard Time.

Bidding Rules

Bid by commenting to the Offering post.

Bids must be raised by at least a dollar per bid

Please do not delete comment containing a bid - if you have an issue, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a Comm mod.

How to Offer
Please list the type of item and fandom (if relevant) in the Subject to your post.

Paste the following into the Comment window and fill in the non-optional spaces.

ETA on Saturday morning If the item will be sent in a package to the winner, please indicate whether the winner will pay shipping, or if you will, or if you'll work it out between the two of you. If there are limitations on where it can be sent, please indicate this too. Additional Info is probably the best place but a comment to your original post is fine too.

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User Name: visionshadows
Email address: visionshadows[at]gmail[dot[com

I am offering: 1 priority flat rate medium box full of smelly stuff from various companies including Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Arcana, Villainess, Possets, CB I Hate Perfumes, and many others. This will include at least one body scrub, three bars of soap, and as many different bottles/decants I can fit. Depending on how high the bidding goes, I will add in more scrubs or one of Villainess' exceptional lotions. That's the joy of a flat rate box!

Additional Info (optional): I will pay shipping on these items. Please let me know if you are allergic to certain things or if there are death notes you do not want anywhere near you!

Starting Bid: $20

(Deleted comment)

Re: Box of smelly stuff!


(Deleted comment)

Re: Box of smelly stuff!


Re: Box of smelly stuff!


Re: Box of smelly stuff!


Re: Box of smelly stuff!

$65 for box of smelly

Re: Box of smelly stuff!

Thank you from help_haiti!

We've just notified the winning bidder(s), and asked them to connect with you directly, or with us, to confirm their donation. Once they do, you can get started on your Offering, or ship it to them, or whatever suits the circumstances. Or if you prefer, you can get in touch with the winning bidder yourself, any time.

Once a winning bidder has sent you confirmation of his or her donation, we would really appreciate it if you visited the Donation Confirmation Station at http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/10005.html - it will really help with our record keeping and putting together the final tally.

If you have any questions, ask them here; if you haven't heard from the Winning Bidder by Sunday, and you've tried to contact him or her yourself, let us know there, too.

Remember, we have screened replies at help_haiti for the time being, so discussion between Offeror and Winning Bidder should move out of the comm into one of your LJs, PMs, email, etc.

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