A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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A Question about the Lightning Round and the Requests Post
Palms by echoe69
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti

Should the Lightning Round and the Requests Post stay open at least through the next auction in February?

Yes, both should!
Yes, the Lightning Round should, but the Requests post should be closed to new requests.
Yes, the Requests post should remain open but the Lightning Round should be closed.
Neither should remain open to new requests.
Something else that I will discuss in the comments.

Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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Can I suggest, simply for organizational purposes, that if things stay open, that new threads be launched? I think, especially with words-offerings, the current posts are a little tough to navigate due to the overwhelming amount of 'stuff' out there.

I think everything should close so that the comm can sort out the auctions and get all that done. Then about a week before the next round open a new requests post. I would keep the lightning round open only during the auction/bidding cycle to keep it energetic.

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I think the Lightning Round should stay open (but possibly with a new thread for easier to reading) because we need to keep the donations steady. Haiti will need more help over the weeks to come, not less - and even more important as the attention-span-of-a-gnat media drifts away.

I completely agree with this.

I'm for closing and then reopening with fresh threads. Give it perhaps an extra 24hrs or so after the main auctions to wrap up and then close it for say a few days before opening again. One thing is to let things from the main auction settle down. Another is to start fresh and keep it easy to search through. Closing and opening again will also give anyone doing both (as an offeror or as a bidder) a chance to settle up and take stock for the next round.

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hm. i think that there should be a "start over" for Requests and Lightning Round between the auctions, and another "start over" when the next major auction starts. i also believe (like one of the above commenters) that haiti and the charities that are serving the country will need a continuous stream of donations, so if we can keep something going throughout the months, that'd be good. but i also think that the closed auction should be closed, to minimize confusion, and that a new Requests Post and Lightning Round Post would make it easier for people to respond to them.

I like the idea of a new Lightning Round thread, but the Requests Thread isn't too full and would be nice to keep going.

But I think the Lightning Round stuff should be closed, filled, and a new round of requests should go forth.

Both are simpler, one-on-one transactions rather than something which requires moderation. I'd say to leave them up, although possibly have some sort of mechanism for tracking what's been done and what's still open.

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I agree with thefannishwaldo... I think keeping them open is a great idea but that opening a new thread for these might be best. Plus... don't know if you'd consider it... but can we set up unique tags so the authors or requesters can tag their posts? Like help_haiti_supernatural, help_haiti_harrypotter, etc? Don't know if it's feasible or what's involved, but it'd make searching and organizing much easier in the next auction and there wouldn't be a need for people to try to make master lists. Just a suggestion.

And great job on organizing this!! I can't imagine what all was involved but this is a grat outcome for a great cause. Kudos to all the contributing authors, etc and the donators.

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Maybe start a new lightening round? So that people who were only planning to offer up through the first round don't have surprise bidders?

Oh, looks like it's already been suggested. :)

I would say, close both threads until you've notified all auction winners, and potentially until all the confirmations are in; then open the lightning round anew. I'd also suggest doing the same thing a week or two before you open the next auction round, in order to help heighten the auction itself.

I think both should continue, but maybe close the Lightening round for a few days and on Saturday or Monday start a new one. I'd put my name down for it again, but I've still got a bit of a backlog from the current one plus my bid so grace time for those in that situation - which I imagine is a few of us - would be handy.

I agree w/this. Esp. as I've yet to hear back from one of my bidders on specifics for their bid (icons) so there is no way that I'll be able to have it ready for them by tomorrow. Plus, w/storms yesterday and today and the lights flashing on and off, I personally need the weekend to get caught up. I'm completely open to taking more bids and whatnot, but I need a few days to get caught up.

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