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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Notifications still in progress...
they call me a cock-eyed optimist
musikologie wrote in help_haiti
We're still going through posts and commenting to auction winners (and probably will for hours yet), but two posts are done, and we'd like to update you all. Thanks to your generosity on the Audio and Food posts alone, we've raised over $7,600. That's astounding. You all are astounding.

As donations are starting to trickle in, a note: if you are sending your donation confirmation to the mods, please send it to: helphaiti.lj@gmail.com. Also, if you PM one of the mods, please make sure you can receive PMs, or you won't get our answer!

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@_@ HOLY CRAP that's amazing!! Congratulations to everyone!

i am impressed by your organizational skills! thank you for helping us help!

Excellent! Thanks for your time in organizing this.

This was such a terrific idea. Thanks so much to all you who organized it!!

Thank you so much for organizing something this massive. Rock on!

That's simply amazing. I'm really excited to see what the grand total is!

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This is brilliant. I love you guys for organizing this. Also: I love fandom!

I sent $50 to Doctors w/o Borders for my winning bid, and also donated a further $100 to Heifer Int'l. I haven't received an email receipt from Heifer, however, but I wanted you to be aware that an additional, non-emailed amount of $100 was raised specifically due to your efforts.

Thanks for organizing this. You guys rock.

Just wanted to add my thanks for organizing this--I have literally no extra money to donate to anything, but through your auction I was able to do my part by offering my time and talent.

Please keep the community posted as you continue to add up the totals--I'm very impressed with the $7,600 total so far, and I bet those aren't even the two biggest categories!

No, those were definitely the smallest ones. We're about halfway through some of the bigger posts, so we'll definitely keep you posted!

Thank you for organizing this as well :)!

That's so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for all your hard work, and keep it up! :D

This is all fantastic. I've been telling my parents about it and they're all gobsmacked too.

Times like these make you proud to be a part of fandom, and of livejournal.

I know this has probably taken a fair bit of work from you guys so thank you all!

Can't wait to see what the total is cause goodness will it ever be high.

Thank you so much, mods, for all of your hard work. And thanks to your entire team of dedicated volunteers. Still more thanks to the folks who offered wonderful things to bid on, and to the folks who bid on them. I'm so proud of fandom right now!

Swiftly approaching $10,000 just on the UNICEF page! You guys have been so amazing putting this together. Thank you!

I too am amazed by how well-organized this has been. It's gone so smoothly - wow!

Congrats! :D And I think I've only just realised you can pay in person...if I knew that I would've bidded on something! xD

Did someone say something about a second round?!

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