heidi∞ (heidi8) wrote in help_haiti,

It's been a long day!

Over $8000 has been donated to our UNICEF page thus far!

We've had over 300 Offerors confirm donations!

And, um, we're only about half done notifying winning bidders. It's taking a while, but we want to do it right, so thank you all for your patience! It does save us time when (a) the Offerors notify the winners and (b) the Winning Bidders include the URL for the offer they won in their confirming email (but it's still workable if you didn't, because we have a wonderful Spreadsheet of Doom - don't send it twice, please).

If someone is able to go through this post and tally up the dollar figure for confirmed donations and post it here, that would be terrific. If you're going to do it, claim it there - or divide the pages up amongst a few people - and then do a separate reply with the total, and the username of the last person whose confirmation is included in said total.

Again, thanks so much to all of you, especially the amazing Notification Team!

ETA at 7AM on Thursday, January 21: Thanks to our Confirmation Tabulators, we now know that over $15,000 in donations have been confirmed by Offerors - and that doesn't include the $1,500 donated by our lovely anon to UNICEF or the donations confirmed by the Mods.
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