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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Amazing + What You Can Do Next Week + LR Update
_Help Haiti, Help Haiti
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
We've added the numbers. We've checked them all twice.

Not quite half of the pledges have been confirmed yet, and we still have a few more pages to check through in the Lightning Round, but at this point, we can state that over $50,000 has already been donated to various relief organizations to help Haiti rebuild.

And if all the pledges are kept and the sums donated, help_haiti will have raised nearly $115,000.00.

Nearly one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.

I want to use sparkly text and fireworks and a very large font, but for the sake of decorum, I won't. You can in the comments section, though!

And that doesn't even include the "on the side" donations that so many of us have done in thanks for the wonderful Offerors who've gone above and beyond their offer to write additional stories, create additional art, bake extra cookies, etc. Nor does it include all the rounding up people are doing - donating ten when their total was seven, or a hundred dollars when their total was eighty eight bucks.

As of now, there are 40 pages of confirmed donations - the sum of the confirmed donations is $43142.82.

As of now, the total confirmed as donated from the Lightning Round is just about $7,000.

Yes, that is over fifty thousand dollars in confirmed donations - plus we know at least three thousand additional dollars have been donated through people rounding up and our wonderful Anon who donated $1500 to UNICEF.

We haven't tallied the totals from the Requests yet, but we are sure they will be lovely, glorious and spectacular.

Where do we go from here

Sometimes you have to quote "Once More With Feeling".

We are going to close the Lightning Round late in the day on Sunday. We'll set it so posts going forward are screened, which will allow Offerors and Bidders to communicate, but will block people from adding new offers.

We had been planning on waiting until February to do another Lightning Round, but LiveJournal's Help Haiti V-Gift Drive next week seems to call our for drabbles and drawbles. So from Thursday, January 28th through Saturday, January 30th, we'll have a whirlwind Lightning Round, and we'll encourage you to make your donations in the form of v-gifts to your friends.

The Requests thread will stay open until February 1, and then all future posts will be screened as well. We will set up a new Requests thread when the next full auction goes live.

And yes, we will have another full auction - it will start sometime in February but the exact dates are still to be determined, in part because the mods - especially the amazing team members who stayed up into the wee hours notifying winning bidders and offerors - need to bank their sleep.

Plus, we have to finish confirming donations. Remember, you can send your confirmation to the Offeror, or the Mods, or both - but when you do, please include the URL for the item that you won. If you've already sent in your confirmation, we will let the Offeror know by tomorrow evening (EST). Going forward, expect the turnaround to be about 24 hours.

If you're looking for another way to donate this weekend, check out the amazing pan-fandom telethon that's being hosted by the HP Alliance. Rooted in the Harry Potter community, and representing many fan communities (including Heroes, Lost, True Blood, The Wire and Firefly), this group of podcasters, musicians, artists and activists will put on a four-hour show that includes entertainment, performance, interviews, news and a lot more. We will laugh, talk and listen while we raise money for Partners in Health, an organization helping those hardest hit by the tragedy.Help Haiti Heal logo

If you donate to Partners in Health via the telethon or through the evening of January 30, you'll be eligible for one of the thank-you gifts donated by amazing people like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, the cast of The Guild and even J.K. Rowling, who donated a signed set of the Harry Potter books. Visit the site for more information about the fundraiser.

I'll be one of the hosts for the second hour - probably starting at about 3:30 PM EST - and I'm going to talk about help_haiti . I'd love to be able to quote some of you who've participated as Offerors, bidders (even if you didn't win!), supporters, pluggers, etc. If there's something you'd like me to read during my show, please post it as a comment. I'm still trying to figure out a way to include audio clips, so please keep an eye on the comm if you're interested in contributing that way.

Speaking of contributing - special thanks and love to djinnj , drvsilla , glendaglamazon , jiggery_pokery , jlh , memphis86 , musikologie , oulangi , rane_ab , meggitymeg , stinaleigh and tresa_cho for their amazing work in notifying Offerors and Winning Bidders - you've probably seen at least one of their names in your in-box this week. Collectively, they worked around the clock, dealing with the LJ captcha system, our Google Spreadsheet of D00M and various quantities of caffeine, and I doff my cap to each of them.
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Mods, thank you very much! The response was overwhelming and you picked up so quick, it is really awesome what you've done. Special thanks to Pinkfinity, for setting up all of this.

I'm in total awe of this whole thing, I never imagined it would be this huge! Thanks so much to all of you mods for setting up and organizing this <3

Seriously a round of applause to those that did their bid and to the mods here for doing this!

OT but this user pleuvoir pm-ed me saying I won graphics I think but I don't remember her thread at all and the mods didn't pm me to say that I've won so I have no way whatsoever to contact her as she set privacy settings to her LJ :(

How should I got about it?

Did she zap you the URL for the item?

Well done guys! Epic work everyone :)

Thanks to all of you!! You do such an amazing job with this community!!

I dropped an update to the LJ news comm at http://news.livejournal.com/121471.html?thread=80772735#t80772735

To repeat what I said there -- I'm SO amazed by what this relatively small group of people have managed to raise, enabling people with skills (but little cash) to provide rewards that are individually meaningful to people with a willingness to donate. And I'm excited that help_haiti will be hosting another auction in February, so people who didn't get to Offer or Bid on something this time around will get another chance. It would be delightful to get more communities/fandoms involved in offering custom-made fiction, art, videos, crafts, food, graphics, music, podcasts and other fun in return for ongoing relief for Haiti.

Thank you to the mods and helpers for making something that could have been slow and full of drama into a something sweet, simple and swift. I'm sure it was insane amounts of work on your end but you've made it happen and I am so very grateful!

OT: how to email the mods

I'm going to feel really stupid, but my Offerer has requested that that I confirm with the Mods and I can't find an e-mail address for any of the Mods. How do I do this?

Re: OT: how to email the mods

It's on the main comm page (but I just made it red and bolded) but it's helphaiti.lj at gmail.com. Replace the at with the @ and delete the spaces...

that's right. TOTALLY AWESOME. Some days you can feel perfectly justified in being proud of the world. These past few weeks have been like that. Fandom, you are AMAZING.

Canadian government lifts cap on matching donations

FYI: for any Canadian donating, or for the mods who are tabulating donations and taking matching into account, the Canadian government has late last week announced that it's removing the cap on matching donations. No matter how much is raised by approved charities, the government will match it.

See the story here.

As of yesterday, it was estimated that something like $67million of eligible funds had been donated by Canadians, not counting Friday's telethon which raised around $16million.

Re: Canadian government lifts cap on matching donations

Hi! :D We're not logging matched donations from governments/employers/etc, because it would get too complicated, but whether or not we log it doesn't make the money any less or more useful, so that's great news!

I can't thank you all enough for taking the time and effort to put this together. This is an amazing achievement.


A huge THANK YOU to all you mods and related folk who have made this thing work. ♥♥♥♥♥