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Drive-by note to US taxpayers

Our government may not be matching donations like Canada's is, but they are doing something to support US taxpayers who are donating to help Haiti:

President Obama Signs Legislation Providing Immediate Tax Deductions for Haiti Charitable Contributions

In the days since the earthquake in Haiti, Americans have shown their generosity with millions of dollars in donations. Tonight, President Obama signed a bill into law that makes it easier to give. This legislation will allow taxpayers to receive the tax benefit from donations made to the Haiti effort in this tax season, rather than having to wait until they file their 2010 tax returns next year. Specifically, cash donations to charities for the Haitian relief effort given after January 11 and before March 1 of this year may be treated as if the contribution was made on December 31 of last year so that the contribution can be deducted from 2009 income. This measure applies to monetary donations, not goods or services.

From the White House's blog
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