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A few days on, we have an update!

Do you want to know the total for confirmed donations?

Will you forgive me for using sparkly text in the post this time?

Sparklee.com - http://www.sparklee.com

That's 73,680 in confirmed donations, as of about midnight Eastern Standard Time on January 26, 2010. We added the $7000 confirmed from the first Lightning Round, $1500 donated by an anon via our UNICEF page and the $65,180 confirmed in the Donation Confirmation Station.

It does not include any sums confirmed via email to the Comm Mods - we are entering that information into our spreadsheet, and we will know that total on February 5, which is the last day for winning bidders to confirm their donations to their Offeror or the Comm Mods (or they'll get a You Defaulted letter from us). We know that the total of those confirmations is thousands of dollars, but it's hard to determine at this stage if there's any overlap.

But that means that there's still about $30,000 in donations that're still outstanding. Don't worry yet if you haven't made your donation - we know there are people waiting for paydays this week, and some of us haven't had time yet - I have to get confirmations out to two of the Offerors regarding items I won - promise to do it today! Just remember that you need to notify your Offeror or the Comm Mods by February 5.

What's Up With the Next Lightning Round?

It starts on Thursday!

It will use a format/template that's very similar to the one we used before.

Winners are enouraged to donate in the form of V-Gifts to take advantage of LJ's V-Gift Donation-a-Thon, where 100% of the proceeds from the sale of V-Gifts (as explained on news) will go to UNICEF and CARE - LJ is even underwriting the credit card/paypal fees. Plus, for every $10 of V-Gifts you receive in a two week period, LJ will give you two months of paid time - a nice little thank-you for every V-Gift recipient.

We've figured out a way for V-Gifts to be sent anonymously!

What else can I do to share in the amazing community spirit that's come out of this Comm and others like it?

Join helped_haiti! We're putting up a friending meme, and there's a poll on how the community wants people to share the amazing fic, art, graphics, vids, baskets, crafts and more that they've created in/for help_haiti.

Add your fic to the help_haiti collection at An Archive Of Our Own

Visit hh_kink, who have probably one of the most brilliant taglines: With great porn comes great responsibility. They've set up an anon kink meme-style system, with all donations via LJ's Help Haiti V-Gift, and yes, they're the ones who figured out how to send V-Gifts as payment, anonymously.

One question: We've been asked to find a US-based charity that already has started work on an action plan to help with rebuilding schools - and restocking them with books for students. It needs to be well-rated (4*, ideally) on CharityNavigator, and it must be a 501(c)(3) with a low portion of its donations going to administrative costs. You can email us at helphaiti.lj at gmail.com or just post a comment here if there's a charity you want to recommend, or that you think we should look into.
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