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Lightning Round 2: V-Gift Boogaloo Update

ETA on Monday, February 1: Lightning Round II: V-Gift Boogaloo is closed to new offers. As of Thursday, February 4, all poss to this comm will be screened.

Thanks so much to everyone who's offered something nifty in the current Lightning Round, and all those making pledges!

Even though LJ's V-Gift-a-Thon ends at 7PM Eastern Standard Time - that's about eight hours from now - we are going to leave the Lightning Round open for new offers through the end of the day on Sunday, Pacific Standard Time, since you can donate via LJ's Help_Haiti v-gift, or by a direct donation to any of the charities listed in this post.

We're also working on an alpha-test (it's not quite in beta yet) of a searchable database (by fandom/celeb name) and we'd love your feedback, so give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

And there's a new colelction for fics created in Lightning Round 2 over at An Archive of Our Own - it's empty now, so please fill it up! If you need an account at AOOO, ask thefannishwaldo a she has some to give.

We'll be posting on Monday about (a) date possibilities for the next full auction,(b) what to do if you won an item and the Offeror hasn't contacted you yet, or you offered something and the winning bidder hasn't contacted you, and (c) a new V-Gift thingy.

Again, thanks so much to all of you for all you've done to help Haiti.
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