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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Push it!
Palms by echoe69
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
We are only about $700 way from hitting $100,000 in confirmed donations!

So if you haven't donated, or haven't confirmed with your Offeror or the help_haiti mods at helphaiti.lj [@] gmail.com, today is the day to do it!

Also, helped_haiti is looking for some help in collating their daily posts of fics, art, vids, graphics, crafts and photos of people thrilled to open the City Grab Bags they're getting in the mail. If you're interested, comment to this post and let us know the two best days of the week for you to help through February, and any days that are impossible for you. It would be terrific to have more than one person per day, so don't not sign up just because someone's already claimed your favorite day of the week.

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are the fiction still up for auction? if not, when is the next fiction auction? thanks.

I think I should be able to help out any day of the week, but I'm a little confused as to what, exactly, I'd be doing. Just taking what people post in the comments over there and compiling the information, or...?

I'm a housewife with no kids and an internet addiction. I'm available at any time. :)

(And if you still need hosting I can still do that.)

I'm available any day/time to archive and link fics/art/vids/stuff. It would be nice to have a template to work with, either in Notepad or Word.

I still haven't heard back from the winner of one of my auctions. Is there a way to find out if I've just been left out of the loop?

Whoa! 7.0 Magnitude of earthquake really killed many Haitians. Now, is the time to help them. My mother already went to Haiti to extend her sympathy and gave some medical service, potable water supply, dresses, blankets, medicines and foods. I know it is not enough but through this I could say that we really care. In addition, I am available any day just PM me to archive and link those fics/art/vids/stuff....

I haven't heard anything from the mods or the two of the bids that I won. I know I donated later than the deadline date. Is there a way to know if you guys received my confirmation? Should I send it again?

Is there going to be another round soon? I know it's not on the front page anymore, but the problems in Haiti are still extremely severe. The rainy season has started and there are thousands of people are without shelter or sanitation.

This has been really amazing - it's great to see what fandom can accomplish!

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