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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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New V-Gifts & Defaults
_Help Haiti 2, _Help Haiti 3
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
In other words, this is a good news/bad news post.

First, the biggest good news. We have confirmed at least 85% of the donations! Unfortunately, that means that about $10,000 in donations are still outstanding. But we have broken the $100,000 line! Yay, all of you! \o/

Today is Default Day. That means that if you have not confirmed your donation yet, you are technically in default of the auction and:

a. You will not be permitted to offer items or bid in the next auction unless you get in contact with the mods via helphaiti.lj[at]gmail.com or by replying publicly to this post to explain why you fell into default. As someone who ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery almost exactly a year ago, I definitely understand that randomly unexpected and problematic things happen, and if there is a reason for why you weren't able to make your donation, or confirm it, on a timely basis, we will be understanding. If you do email us or reply here, please put EXPLANATION in the subject so it's easy for us to find.

We are aware that some people have emailed the help_haiti.lj email address but we have not confirmed their donation. Email is not perfect so if this has happened to you, we may need to work directly with you to come up with a different way for you to get your confirmation to us. Please comment to this post with EMAIL ISSUE in the subject so we can handle the situation. We don't want anyone to be deemed in default accidentally or inadvertently. Remember, we did not email everyone who confirmed a donation back - if we were cc-ed along with a list of the Offerors, we expected the Offerors to handle the confirmations. We did make a notation in our Database, though, so you are marked as Confirmed. If you're still concerned, though, please reply to this post and explain the situation.

b. On Sunday or Monday - once we get finished processing the confirmations that came in yesterday and overnight and while I am typing this post, and dealing with those with email issues - we will start to notify those who came in second place that they have the option to be the auction winner. We know many people bid on other items when they were outbid on something, so the second-place people are not obligated to take on the mantle of Winning Bidder, but they do have the option. The reply-to-your-bid will inform you of the next steps to take so you can become the winner if you want, and let you know how you can say no, thanks! instead.

Since it's going to take us a few days to finalize the confirmation-notifications, if you are currently in default but manage to donate today and send in your confirmation, it will be considered accepted and timely. You have at least twelve hours to manage that - but it might be as many as 36.

Offerors whose winning bidders have defaulted: I am among you! The winning bidder on one of my items hasn't been heard from - or posted in her LJ, or confirmed the other eight things she won. And it's frustrating and a little saddening. But we still love you and appreciate you and thank you!

If for some reason the person in second place isn't able to take on the Winning Bidder mantle, we would greatly appreciate it if you would re-offer the item in the next auction, which will begin later this month.

Offerors whose winning bidders have confirmed but haven't contacted you yet: Next week, we will put up a post so you can let us know. But it's possible that they are offline, busy, or just haven't had a chance to get back to you yet (I personally apologize to my lovely Offerors, and promise to get back to you next week!). It is possible that they won't, even after we remind them, and if that's the case, there's really nothing we can do to, except shower you with love and appreciation.

Winning Bidders whose Offerors haven't contacted you yet: Technically, they have until February 14 to create or ship whatever you won, so they are not in default yet. After February 14, we'll ask you to let us know if the Winning Bidder hasn't contacted you, and we'll get a Pinch Hitter to make good on whatever you won sometime this spring. And we'll shower you with love and appreciation.

Now, after the potentially-stressful bits, the good news. As news reported yesterday, LiveJournal has expanded its charity v-gift offerings to include two new Help_Haiti v-gifts, priced at 9.99 each. The designs are by comm member foxestacado, and 100% of all proceeds from the purchase of those v-gifts goes to Partners in Health. Also, the recipient of the v-gift gets an extra gift of two months paid time (unless they have a permanent account)!

Thank you, Team LJ!

And lastly, there has been some confusion about when and where Offerors can post their Creations. Technically, it's up to the Winning Bidder if their won item will be made public, but generally, Winning Bidders do allow the Offeror to post/share what he or she created. Prior auctions on LiveJournal usually result in the Offeror posting the item(s) on his or her LiveJournal - and in this case, linking to it from the helped_haiti community. If the item is done, you don't have to wait for February 14 - you can post it any time. If the Offeror and Winning Bidder agree that the deadline can be pushed to a mutually agreed-upon date - we're inspired by Douglas Adams, who once said, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Questions? Explanations?

I've already finished (and posted) both of my stories - where should I link them on this community?

The first post isn't up yet - will be sometime in the next week - but more info is here.

Hi I contacted the person who I won the auction from and forwarded my confirmation email to them. Was I still supposed to post the confirmation to you as well ? I can do so immediately where can I send my confirmation email? Sorry my region has gotten a lot of snow lately and Internet acess at home and work has been touch and go. But I did donate the day my auction ended. Please help!

They should have posted to the Donation Confirmation Station. You don't have to go through all million posts there to find it, though - we'll let you know if you're not on the Confirmed list on Sunday or Monday and we can fix everything then.

I wondered where I confirm how much I raised in the second lightening round...

You don't have to - we are adding everything up from the replies to the post itself.

I sent my confirmation to the help_haiti email adress and to the offeror via a LiveJournal PM. I didn't get a reply email by the mods to my confirmation, so I don't know whether you got it at all.

Is it suficient that the offeror has the confirmation or do I need to do something else?

If the offeror (a) has the confirmation and (b) posted a reply on the Donation Confirmtion Station, then you're all set. And we'll be letting people know if we don't have their confirmation once we've gone through everything this weekend.

I'm looking forward to the next auction later this month! I'd like to suggest another charity/V-gift that I think would be a good one to add to the list as a payment option for the next auction.

Before the earthquake, LJ was offering another charitable V-Gift, the WSPA Furry Friends V-Gift for $2.99. I checked out the WSPA and discovered that they are doing what they can to help animals in Haiti.

Obviously, animals aren't more important than people. But In this world where we are all connected, animals can form an important part of our support system, and we are a part of theirs. I defy anyone to look at this picture and not want to help.

In short, the animal-lovers among us would probably appreciate the ability to purchase the WSPA V-Gift to pay for their auctions. I haven't done any research on the WSPA, but I hope LJ has. If they turn out not to be an acceptable charity for some reason, perhaps suggestions for an alternative charity that supports animals might be solicited?

Thank you for your time.

I emailed you guys my donation confirmation on Jan 21 and didn't copy the offeror, but I've not heard anything back. Should I try sending it again?

WHat's your email username, so I can check the records and see if we have it?

How can we know if our winning bidder is has defaulted or just hasn't had the time to contact us yet?

If we commented to your Offer to let you know that they've confirmed to the mods, then they haven't defaulted. If we haven't done so (or don't sometime today or tomorrow) then they have defaulted. If you don't get comments sent to you, you need to check and see if there's a comment to your original offer.

I have heard from two of the offerers that they got my payment receipts but not the third. How can I make sure I am not showing in default? I can send you the receipts.

Yes, just send them over to helphaiti.lj at gmail, and remind us with a link to this post that you just need to confirm the third donation. If you can paste in the emails from the other two offerors, it'll keep the records neat.

Edited at 2010-02-06 10:11 pm (UTC)

Non-confirmation issue

My issue isn't listed; I've confirmed with the offerers, but 2 of the 3 offerers haven't confirmed in the donation station confirmation thread. Should I go ahead and email the mods the confirmation as well?

Help appreciated.

Edited at 2010-02-05 03:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Non-confirmation issue

Yes, just send them over to helphaiti.lj at gmail, and remind us with a link to this post that you just need to confirm the third donation. If you can paste in the emails from the other two offerors, it'll keep the records neat.

"Remember, we did not email everyone who confirmed a donation back - if we were cc-ed along with a list of the Offerors, we expected the Offerors to handle the confirmations. We did make a notation in our Database, though, so you are marked as Confirmed. If you're still concerned, though, please reply to this post and explain the situation."

Am I safe to assume that everything's okay as this is what we did? I'm happy to go ahead but I just want to check that's allowed. :D

I am among those who had to default. I would like to make my donation (today...since I've finally gotten my paycheck), but had to go into default as a result of two hospital visits in a week with no health insurance. I get paid on Wednesdays, and have finally put aside the money to make my donation. It will be done by the end of the evening.

Thanks so much, your donations and support are so greatly appreciated.

Question--my winning bidder confirmed to both me and an email to the gmail account; should I post a comment on the confirmation thread, or was her email enough? I just don't want her to be counted as a defaulter by accident!

If you're referring to jadelennox, then the donation has been registered. :o)

Just in case you guys are checking with offerors submitting stuff, I've spoken to my bidder, I'm at an archaeological excavation right now, so very little time to write, but they will have something by the end of the month.


E Mail Issue-Donation Confirmation

I emailed a copy of my donation to the helphaiti.lj@gmail.com I also set you pinkfinity a copy, did you get it.

Re: E Mail Issue-Donation Confirmation

If you're referring to sinfulslasher's offer, then your donation has been registered. :o)

Since I made everything stupidly complicated by donating twice to cover three auctions, I emailed the help.haiti address first to confirm all three, and then emailed the offerers seperately. Maybe that wasn't the best way to do it. But anyway, I haven't heard back from you guys or two of the offerers.

Weird. Not sure how yours ended up overlooked, but we do have it, and you're all set!