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Defaulting offerors

Hi everyone!

We’ve been contacted by a number of people whose offerors either haven’t contacted them at all, or haven’t contacted them for several weeks while they’ve missed the mid-February deadline. We know we have a bit of a backlog in getting back to people, and would like to apologize for that, but unfortunately the final procedures turned out to take more time than we anticipated (this should be solved in the next round) and RL got the better of us, as well. Apologies to anyone who had to wait for answers, and thank you all for your patience! Moving on to solving the issues, here's the procedure we'd like you to follow:

  • Bidders:

    Here’s what we’d like you to do:

    Please leave a comment here saying you haven’t heard from your offeror at all or that they’ve exceeded the deadline without contacting you, using the following format (comments are screened, and since we can't answer them without unscreening them, please include your e-mail if you happen to not be reachable by PM, in case we need to contact you):

    [Example of linking to a thread – please link to the offer, not your bid. This may seem random – and it is – but it’s the way we’ve saved the offers in our big file of doom, and it makes our lives a lot easier if you could stick to that.]

    Please, if you hear from your offeror after contacting us, let us know on this post, so we can remove you from our list.

    Here’s what we’ll do:

    We’ll send a PM/e-mail/both if we have them to your offeror. We know that a lot of offerors are late with their offers, but aren’t necessarily defaulting, so we hope that the offeror will be more inclined to reply to us, and will be able to contact either us or you to set a new date for the offer, and that we will be able to resolve it this way.

  • Offerors:

    Here’s what we’d like you to do:

    We know that a lot of offerors are late with their offers, so please don’t be embarrassed if you are. Believe us when we say we’d much rather know you’ll deliver late than that you won’t deliver at all. Actually, we’d rather hear you won’t deliver at all than that you don’t reply to us. We know RL has funny ways of intervening, and we won’t hold it against you whatever your answer is, but would be thankful if you could let us know either way so we can try and come up with alternative compensations. If you are late/defaulting, we’d love it if you could answer to this post, using the following format (comments are screened):

    Here’s what we’ll do:

    We’d love it if you could contact both us and your offeror. However, we also understand that you may not be comfortable doing the latter, so if you would prefer to only contact us, we’d be grateful if you could do that, and we’ll contact your bidder with further information. Please tell us which of these options you’re going for in your reply, so we know what to do as well. Remember that we prefer any reply to no reply, so we know whether we need to undertake further action.

    ETA: If you've already contacted your bidder(s) and have agreed on a later date, you don't need to contact us, though you are of course welcome to! If you do comment, do please always let us know whether your winning bidder is aware that your offer is going to be late, or whether we should contact them. Thank you!

  • Final actions:

    Once we know which offerors will definitely default, we’ll put up a post asking for pinch-hitters. This will include offers for food, artistry and miscellaneous offers, so we’ll need any help we can get.

    Bidders, we may not be able to get you exactly what you bid for, but we’ll do our best to get you something you’ll appreciate, at least, if you offeror finds themselves unable to deliver on their offer.

    Potential pinch-hitters, we’d all be thankful if you can find the time to complete an offer that would otherwise not be filled. This is pretty much the most selfless role anyone can take in the whole process, and we wish we could compensate you in some material way, but know that we appreciate any help we get. We understand that some offers might be difficult to replace, but hope to come to some compromise between pinch-hitter and bidder that will make everyone happy.

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation/generosity, whether it be for their time or material donations, because people who need it are being helped thanks to you.

Please direct any questions/comments, etc, not relevant to this post to the questions post. Thank you!

ETA: Sorry, I haven't got a clue where the spacing on this entry went, all of a sudden. Nothing I do seems to fix it.

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