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Update and first pinch-hits

Hi everyone!

This post is mostly an update since we can't answer screened comments without temporarily unscreening them, and inform each of you personally.

At this point, we have contacted all of the offerers mentioned in the comments by PM and e-mail when both were available. Comments that have been posted in the past week were treated today, so we're obviously still waiting for some offerers to get back to us; answers from offerers we've contacted shortly after the previous post keep trickling in, as well, so you'll only find a short list with confirmed defaults below right now. We'll be posting a much longer list including the offers for which the offerers have not got back to us in about a week.

We're also up to date with the messages we have been sent - if an offerer got back to us (and thank you to everyone who did so quickly!), we've informed the bidder about the status of the offer. Because we've been told by so many people that e-mails and even PMs got lost, I've made a point of answering all incoming messages - unless they were a reply to a reply and everything was settled - so if you've sent us an e-mail or PM and have not received an answer, please do let us know so we can double-check that we have received it.

Without further ado, here is the brief list of confirmed defaults we have so far:

If you are able to help fulfil any of these requests, that would be absolutely wonderful. The offerers who have had to default did so with good reason, but it would be great if we could still give the generous bidders something in return for their donations. Some offers were intended for several bidders; if you can complete the offer for all of them, that's great, but we are just as grateful if you can help just one of the bidders. Hopefully, together, we can get all the offers filled.

If you can fulfil any of the offers, please let us know by replying to this post, and by which date you think you can complete it (we were thinking a month to six weeks seemed reasonable, but it might depend on the offer). A big thank you to everyone who has already contacted us to offer their services, and to anyone who can help! If you'd like to help but are unable to fulfil any of the above requests, there will be a much greater diversity of offers in need of pinch-hits in our next post.

Any questions/remarks/concerns are welcome as well!

ETA: We have a question! Does anyone have any experience mailing off baked goods? How would one go about that?

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