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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Update and first pinch-hits
T - Love wins
rane_ab wrote in help_haiti
Hi everyone!

This post is mostly an update since we can't answer screened comments without temporarily unscreening them, and inform each of you personally.

At this point, we have contacted all of the offerers mentioned in the comments by PM and e-mail when both were available. Comments that have been posted in the past week were treated today, so we're obviously still waiting for some offerers to get back to us; answers from offerers we've contacted shortly after the previous post keep trickling in, as well, so you'll only find a short list with confirmed defaults below right now. We'll be posting a much longer list including the offers for which the offerers have not got back to us in about a week.

We're also up to date with the messages we have been sent - if an offerer got back to us (and thank you to everyone who did so quickly!), we've informed the bidder about the status of the offer. Because we've been told by so many people that e-mails and even PMs got lost, I've made a point of answering all incoming messages - unless they were a reply to a reply and everything was settled - so if you've sent us an e-mail or PM and have not received an answer, please do let us know so we can double-check that we have received it.

Without further ado, here is the brief list of confirmed defaults we have so far:

If you are able to help fulfil any of these requests, that would be absolutely wonderful. The offerers who have had to default did so with good reason, but it would be great if we could still give the generous bidders something in return for their donations. Some offers were intended for several bidders; if you can complete the offer for all of them, that's great, but we are just as grateful if you can help just one of the bidders. Hopefully, together, we can get all the offers filled.

If you can fulfil any of the offers, please let us know by replying to this post, and by which date you think you can complete it (we were thinking a month to six weeks seemed reasonable, but it might depend on the offer). A big thank you to everyone who has already contacted us to offer their services, and to anyone who can help! If you'd like to help but are unable to fulfil any of the above requests, there will be a much greater diversity of offers in need of pinch-hits in our next post.

Any questions/remarks/concerns are welcome as well!

ETA: We have a question! Does anyone have any experience mailing off baked goods? How would one go about that?

For baked goods, how exactly would they be delivered? I can bake, but I'm not sure how I would send a pan of brownies in the mail.

Good question! To be honest, I'm not a baking specialist myself, so I'm not entirely sure. I would guess seal it properly and send it off in a package? That's why we've added the region, because they probably wouldn't survive a long travel. I'll add the question to the post, maybe someone has more experience with it. :o) (And thank you already for offering!)

I'd be happy to do one of the podfics, depending on content. (Any fandom is fine, but I prefer not to record stories with explicit sex.) A month's turnaround time sounds reasonable.

That's fantastic! Thank you very much. :D I'll get in touch with the bidders, see what kind of fic they wanted recording, and hopefully one of them wants something non-explicit. I'm assuming you're aiming for Gen to PG-13?

(Screened comment)
Could I ask you to please go to our previous post and fill out the form if you haven't already? Thank you! :o)

I volunteer to do one of the goodie boxes. I'm in the north east. I should be able to manage this by the end of April at the very latest.

Edited at 2010-03-29 01:08 am (UTC)

That would be fabulous, thank you very much! :D Do you have a preference for a bidder? (We've added the region so people would know how far their box needed to travel.)

Edited at 2010-03-29 01:09 am (UTC)

If you still need people to send out baked good, I'd be happy to do a box.

I'd shoot it have it out April the ninth, so the sooner you can get me info on the recipients, the better.


ETA: I'm on the East Coast of the US by the way. :D

Edited at 2010-03-29 01:34 am (UTC)

That would be really fabulous, thank you! :D Right now we haven't marked down any preferences yet, so do you have a preference for any one recipient based on the region they live in? I will then ask the recipient to contact you, so they can give you an address.

Oh, that would be fantastic. :D They did not have much hope of finding a pinch-hitter interested in that pairing, so that would be a nice surprise, indeed! Do you have any idea by when you could have it completed, give or take?

(Deleted comment)
That would be fabulous! :D Do you have any idea by when you could complete the offer, give or take?

Thank you very much for your help!

(Deleted comment)
If any of the audio fics are fairly short, I can do one for you.

Great! :D I think we have one of them covered, but am waiting for a reply from the other two regarding the details of the fic. Just for reference, what would you consider 'fairly short'? I'll let you know either way when I get a reply from them. Thank you very much for offering!

I'm interested in volunteering for the Sentinel/Star Trek crossover, but I have to admit that my knowledge of Sentinel comes mainly from Stargate: Atlantis crossovers... which seem to depict the Sentinel canon somewhat variably.

OK, firstly, thank you so much for the offer! :D I'm amazed by how willing people are to help out. I'm going to contact heeroluva and see how she feels about this, and let her decide. I know she's really busy right know, so apologies if it takes us a few days to get back to you!

I never got a response about whether you'd received the confirmation of my donation. I didn't copy my offeror on that, so i'd love to know if you did. Thanks!

Hi! :o) I'm sorry, but could you give me the thread of the offer, please? That way I can look it up in our file. Thank you!

I can record one podfic up to 10k words, if it's still needed. Though I would need at least a 1 1/2 month turnaround time, as I'm going on vacation this Thursday for two weeks.

Oh, that would be absolutely fabulous. :D I think we have one of the fics covered, but I'm still waiting on a reply for the two others, since I only just contacted them. I'll let you know as soon as I get a reply either way. Thank you very much for offering!

I need to remind my buyer that her piece IS still forthcoming, it's the 3rd thing on my list right now. :P I shall dig up her info and email- it just had to sit until the giant comission of doom was done. :P

Hee! So you're contacting your bidder yourself, or do you need us to do it for you? No one has reported you as a default, so I'm guessing they're still waiting patiently. :D I've found people usually don't mind waiting a bit longer, as long as they know what's going on and that they're being kept up to date.

I'll volunteer to do a podfic.

Make note I'm British, so if the bidder wants an American accent for characters they might be out of luck lol.

Oh, I'll keep an eye out if anyone lists a British fandom! I've sent a message to them last night asking for fandom/pairing/rating/length, and I think we have one of the fics covered, but I'm waiting on an answer for the two others. I'll let you know as soon as I know either way! Thank you so much for offering - I thought this was going to be one of the more difficult offers to fill, but apparently people are really generous with their time. :D

I'm happy to do a podfic recording if you still need pinch hitters for that (am assuming the podfic is for already written fic? If not, I'll need a list of fandoms!).

ETA: And I should be able to complete it within a fortnight :).

Edited at 2010-03-29 11:35 am (UTC)

Thank you very much for the offer. :D I think we have one of the fics covered, but am currently waiting on an answer for the other two. I'll let you know either way as soon as I have both replies!

I can take one of the baked goods people that are left.

Just need to know likes and dislikes.

I usually amke things without NUTs, but do peanut butter things, I can make some italian things pizzelles, ricotta cookies, i make few really good oatmeal toffee or cinna chip....

well I can see what they like and then pick something from there

Oh, that would be really great! Any preferences for a bidder based on proximity? That way I can contact them and ask them to get in touch with you so you can go over the details. Thank you so much for your help - it's really appreciated! :D