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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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It's been a year. Haiti still needs our help.
_Help Haiti, Help Haiti
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti

Earlier this week, MSNBC posted a list of charities still involved in Haitian earthquake recovery efforts, compiled by the American Institute of Philanthropy, a leading charity watchdog. AIP issues letter grade (A+ to F) ratings of nonprofit groups; the following charities involved in Haiti relief received an “A” or “B” grade based on the portion of their budget going to program services and their fundraising efficiency.

Last year, most donations via this comm went to UNICEF, Partners in Health, The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, with substantial donations going to the Clinton/Bush project, Yele, Heifer International and Oxfam as well.

We are sharing the urls and phone numbers with you in case you can do something in 2011 to help Haiti.

And just as a reminder, help_chile still has links to organizations rebuilding after Chile's earthquake last year, and help_pakistan has links to organizations rebuilding after their massive floods. If you have a link to a comm that is fundraising to help those currently suffering in Australia, or to help with their eventual rebuilding, please share them in the comments. ETA: We've been told that fandom_flood_ap is coming soon, and , qldfloodauction, waltzmatildah and owemebreakfast are already fundraising as well, to help Australians recover from those floods. More links may be added overnight, but I'm going to sleep and will add them tomorrow....

To all of you, thank you for all you've done to help those around the world, and may you have a safe and beautiful 2011.

Accion International 617-625-7080

Action Against Hunger 877-777-1420

American Friends Service Committee 215-241-7000

American Jewish World Service 212-792-2900

American Red Cross 800-733-2767

American Refugee Committee 612-872-7060

Brother's Brother Foundation 412-321-3160

CARE 800-521-2273

Catholic Relief Services 800-736-3467

ChildFund International (formerly Christian Children's Fund) 800-776-6767

Children Incorporated 800-538-5381

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation 800-225-0292

Church World Service 800-297-1516

Compassion International 800-336-7676

Doctors Without Borders – USA 888-392-0392

Food for the Hungry 800-248-6437

Freedom from Hunger 800-708-2555

Gifts in Kind International 703-299-7532

Habitat for Humanity International – N.O. 800-422-4828

Heifer Project International 800-422-0474

International Medical Corps 800-481-4462

International Rescue Committee 877-733-8433

Lutheran World Relief 800-597-5972

Medical Teams International 800-959-4325

Mennonite Central Committee 888-563-4676

Mercy Corps 888-256-1900

Operation USA 800-678-7255

Oxfam-America 800-776-9326

Partners in Health 617-432-5298

Plan USA 800-556-7918

Project Concern International 858-279-9690

Salvation Army 800-725-2769

Save the Children 800-728-3843

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) 800-554-8583

William J. Clinton Foundation 501-748-0471

World Concern (Program of Crista Ministries) 800-755-5022

World Neighbors 800-242-6387

World Vision 888-511-6548

The Y (formerly YMCA of the United States) – N.O. 800-872-9622

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Is it really necessary to have so many line breaks between charity listings? This post is killing my friends page.

How many are you seeing? I see one blank line between each charity, because I used *p* tags, but different browsers may manifest differently.

(Deleted comment)
Can you share a screenshot? Which browser are you using?

I see a bunch of broken html too (in IE).

To wit:

[ Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('< lj-user = qldfloodauction >') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below. ]

Looks like you just forgot to include quotes around one of the comm names you linked. Easy fix.

Edit: Added spaces so I didn't perpetuate the brokenness.

Edited at 2011-01-13 03:38 am (UTC)

Ok, I think I found it. For some reason, LJ (not me) added in quotes around some, but not all, of the LJ usernames for the Australia flood auctions. I think I've fixed it now.

I was seeing five lines between each, but it's fixed now. :) (Just for the record, I use Firefox.) Thanks.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Comm for Australian flood relief

Groovy, thanks for the info.

Um. This is my only Australia-ish icon... I think in the auction, I should remedy that.

Re: Comm for Australian flood relief

Feel free to use this one of mine if you want. (points to icon)

I was almost in tears listening to NPR this evening. The terrible things is that it doesn't totally sound like raising more money will solve their problems. Though I'm certainly going to donate again.

Australia has qldfloodauction and waltzmatildah is also hosting a fundraiser.

Edited at 2011-01-13 02:44 am (UTC)

VICTORY. Sorry about that, I am apparently fail when it comes to tags. :x

Coding can be tricksy! :D

Thanks for the links!

(Deleted comment)
I think there are a lot of coms for the flood right now.

another one for graphics only is here

This is brilliant. Thanks for the links and community info! I've been wondering about an Australia relief comm, as the only one I've seen so far was Dreamwidth-based. Now I know, and will definitely pop over to one or more.

Off topic but not entirely, is there any chance of a new lightning round-style post in here, some time down the road, to benefit ongoing relief efforts in Haiti? Just curious.

Sorry to bother, but does anyone know if there is a charity auction for Philippines going on now?

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