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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

10:18 am: heidi8 What should we do?  52 comments
10:34 am: heidi8 If you don't want to wait to donate, you can help now  116 comments
03:40 pm: heidi8 Offering Artistry  3442 comments
03:59 pm: heidi8 Offering Graphics  2044 comments
04:01 pm: heidi8 Offering Audio Things  662 comments
04:04 pm: heidi8 Offering Food  1119 comments
04:04 pm: heidi8 Offering Words  3780 comments
04:06 pm: heidi8 Offering Something Interesting  4398 comments
04:23 pm: heidi8 Lightning Round  2411 comments
04:57 pm: heidi8 Questions! And a request!  730 comments
08:46 pm: heidi8 Icons, updates, info, etc.  84 comments
08:31 am: heidi8 Offering Words (Post Number Two) CLOSED to new offers, OPEN for your bids!  5970 comments
03:43 pm: heidi8 The Requests Post  326 comments
05:34 pm: eponymous_rose Fanfic Request Masterlist  73 comments
06:51 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: FOOD ITEMS  20 comments
06:56 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: AUDIO ITEMS  6 comments
06:58 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: MISC ITEMS 1  18 comments
07:01 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: ARTISTRY ITEMS 1  50 comments
07:11 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: GRAPHIC ITEMS || MISC GOODIES  15 comments
07:18 pm: heidi8 We Are Collect-able. We Are Organized-ish.  32 comments
11:12 pm: heidi8 Thursday Night Updates
05:34 pm: heidi8 Translation Help & A Reminder About Bidding  83 comments
08:07 pm: heidi8 Mid-Day Update  9 comments
09:03 am: heidi8 Offering Words (Thread #3)  2073 comments
09:10 am: heidi8 Saturday Morning Update
10:34 am: heidi8 One way to donate...  4 comments
03:00 pm: heidi8 We cannot make it impossible to delete bids or posts.  3 comments
08:07 am: heidi8 For donations in three dollar increments
08:43 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: GRAPHIC ITEMS || ONLY ONLY ICONS
09:02 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: ARTISTRY ITEMS 2  5 comments
09:42 pm: drvsilla Simple Text Hyperlink List: MISC ITEMS 2  12 comments
01:39 pm: drvsilla Awesome fandom continues to be awesome  52 comments
04:09 pm: heidi8 Update on the Auction Closing Procedures  63 comments
06:34 pm: heidi8 Freebies!  18 comments
09:48 pm: eponymous_rose Word Offerings Compilation Help Needed!  9 comments
11:39 am: heidi8 Today would be...  17 comments
01:01 pm: heidi8 Please make sure you have comment notifications turned on.
01:45 pm: heidi8 Bid Dispute Issues  2 comments
02:56 pm: heidi8 Donation Confirmation Station  1816 comments
10:14 pm: heidi8 Auction Closing Procedures - PLEASE READ  237 comments
10:28 pm: heidi8 A Question about the Lightning Round and the Requests Post  26 comments
12:02 pm: heidi8 The auction is closed to new bids.  117 comments
06:30 pm: heidi8 Just getting started....
08:28 pm: musikologie Notifications still in progress...  21 comments
02:09 am: heidi8 It's been a long day!
06:56 pm: heidi8 Where are we now?  19 comments
04:50 pm: heidi8 Amazing + What You Can Do Next Week + LR Update  80 comments
09:37 pm: heidi8 Drive-by note to US taxpayers
02:02 pm: heidi8 A few days on, we have an update!  39 comments
08:18 am: heidi8 Lightning Round II: V-Gift Boogaloo  1002 comments
11:22 am: heidi8 Lightning Round 2: V-Gift Boogaloo Update  10 comments