January 20th, 2010

_Help Haiti, Help Haiti
  • heidi8

The auction is closed to new bids.

We have screened all comments in the community. We will be opening the non-auction posts to comments shortly, and will begin to notify winning bidders within the hour.

But really?

You are all winners - the Offerors, Bidders, Pluggers, Cheer Squad, Betas - everyone who helped make this community what it has become.

More info about ongoing fandom efforts to help rebuild Haiti will be coming soon.

For now...

Thank you from the help_haiti Mods.
_Help Haiti, Help Haiti
  • heidi8

Just getting started....

We're barely one twentieth done with the confirmations - although that's not including the confirmations that Offerors have posted, which looks like over 100 more validations - but I'm thrilled to note that the first 35 Confirmed Donations total over $1500 in donations. Also, our UNICEF page is now well over $3000 (yes, there is some overlap). And we have two dozen Help Haiti v-gifts here at our comm already - and thanks to those who've donated paid time for the comm!

Offerors, please confirm the winning bid(s) following the instructions here, as it will speed the process for everyone.
they call me a cock-eyed optimist

Notifications still in progress...

We're still going through posts and commenting to auction winners (and probably will for hours yet), but two posts are done, and we'd like to update you all. Thanks to your generosity on the Audio and Food posts alone, we've raised over $7,600. That's astounding. You all are astounding.

As donations are starting to trickle in, a note: if you are sending your donation confirmation to the mods, please send it to: helphaiti.lj@gmail.com. Also, if you PM one of the mods, please make sure you can receive PMs, or you won't get our answer!
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