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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Questions! And a request!
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you have a question about which category something fits into, or about the bidding process, please ask it here.

ETA: If you don't specify the currency for bidding, we will automatically presume that it's US dollars. If people want to use a currency converter, to keep things even we can use the cnnfn.com one, or Paypal's automated process.

And is anyone able to do some simple "Help Haiti" icons that people can use on LJ, DW, etc.? Much appreciation to anyone who can!

At this point (5 PM on Wednesday) I am not monitoring all comments to every post - I've turned off LJ's emailing to me all the comments for all the offering posts (except the lightning round), so if there's something I need to see, make sure it's a comment to one of the other posts.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for offering, bidding, pimping and cheering people on. The news out of Haiti is so grim - hopefully this will be a way for so many people around the world to help.

I'm in the UK, so I assume it's fine to donate the relative amount in my currency (if to a UK charity)? So if I bid $100, I’d donate £61 (or the current exchange amount)?

Just wanted to make sure before I donate. Ta!

That is absolutely fine. :D Thanks for donating!

The second-highest bidder to one of my offers is still donating her $30 anyway, and I wanted to ask if I should post confirmation for that as well so it can count towards the added total?

Sure, that's so lovely of her!

(Deleted comment)
The idea would be that the comment stay screened to avoid lengthy discussions on the posts. She should get a comment-notification by e-mail with all the information you left, though, and since you've included your e-mail, she should be able to contact you that way. Let us know if this poses a problem.


I just wanted to make sure I was handling everything correctly; I was offering something in the artistry section and decided to handle one bid as a lightning round (since the bidder and I know each other outside the auction and I wanted to keep others bidding) - was just wondering if her donation was already counted among the lightning round donations or if I need to comment about her at the donation confirmation post since technically it is in a regular auction post.

The bid in question is here: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/822.html?thread=3295030#t3295030, hope you can clarify. :) Thanks.

I logged it as a regular auction, so please do post a comment to confirm her donation. Thank you for checking with us and for participating! :D

WTF? I offered to write for someone since I have no money to donate (a Yoshiki fic for a Repo The Genetic Opera fan) and got sent something saying I won. O_O

It's possible someone accidentally responded with the wrong script. :o) It's happened to me a few times, as well, though I haven't worked on the words post. But we've all been staring at those posts for so long that these things happen. Apologies!

If there's a bidder you didn't contact with a winning thing, but did win, should I comment on her post or message her on LJ?

She should get a comment from us saying she's won and asking her to contact you. :o)

I got two requests for pictures late in the game. As a particpant of the Lightning round and knowing both, I would like to have more time for Lightning Round things.

Hi! :o) I'm not sure I understand your question entirely right. Did you get a request for two pictures in the lightning round? If the two people they're intended for are OK with a later date of delivery, that's fine. :o)

DL Witherspoons sentinel/Highlander auction story

I placed the $50.00 bid for the story but wasn't signed into LJ at the time, was my bid accepted? Thanks.

Re: DL Witherspoons sentinel/Highlander auction story

Could you provide an URL of the thread?

Anonymous Donor Info

My winning bidder just contacted me to say:

Tammy (sparky59) replied to a comment you left in a LiveJournal post.

Subject: Re: Sentinel or Highlander Fic
I placed the $50.00 bid for the story but wasn't signed into LJ at the time. How do I contact the list mods to give them my information? Thanks.

Hopefully, I'm passing this on to the right place.

Re: Anonymous Donor Info

We need the URL for the original item to look into it.


Ok, auction's over, and I received two virtual 'help haiti' gifts.

We're in contact concerning the icons I'm making, so all's cool with that.

the question is - do I send the 'help haiti' virtual gifts to this comm? How does that work?

Thanks so much!

If it was part of the regular auction, then please comment here to confirm. :o)

(Deleted comment)
I couldn't find your name in our spreadsheet, but if you want to be sure, you might want to look on the masterlists. (There are two for art.) :o)

So one of my offerings (posted here) didn't get any bids before the auction closed. However, I did receive an inquiry about it on my personal journal before the auction closed, and the person is still interested in it, but just wasn't able to get online to make a bid before closing. She's still interested, and I'd be happy to accept her offer; we just need to know how to go about it. Can I accept it privately? Or if you want to have her donation included in the help_haiti total... what should we do?

That would be lovely, thanks!

You can accept it privately and post about it on the Confirmation Station if you want it to be a part of the total. Just make a note about this so we don't try to find it on the Winning Bidder spreadsheets.

Hi there...

on behalf of the Transformers fandom, we are thinking of doing something like this within our community on a smaller scale (mainly because a lot of posts tend to get buried and such here, and the pages fill so quickly).

Would it be alright if we were to borrow your comm's format (such as the "how-tos", guidelines, the offer-bid-donate system)? At the end of each cycle we can let you know total amount raised and donated if you'd like (with proof of receipts if required)


You can take the format and the language - but not the icons as those were all made for this comm - but it would be lovely if you would consider participating next time along with us. If you set up a new paid LJ with a gmail account and use it to track all comments to the Offering posts, you can make a filter for anything with the word TRANSFORMERS or any character names, so you know all the posts that contain those words. Then make an index somewhere central for your fandom to direct people to those posts.

If you want more help setting that up, let me know next week.

I got a "you won" notification comment even though there was a bid after me who outbid me (and was still within the required timeframe and all) - thought they had won? *is confused* so - who DID win?

(this is the auction: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/3155.html?thread=2417235#t2417235)

We're checking into it. Yes, it looks like it's probable that the person after you really did win. Did you donate already? We can see what we can do to make it up to you.