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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Questions! And a request!
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you have a question about which category something fits into, or about the bidding process, please ask it here.

ETA: If you don't specify the currency for bidding, we will automatically presume that it's US dollars. If people want to use a currency converter, to keep things even we can use the cnnfn.com one, or Paypal's automated process.

And is anyone able to do some simple "Help Haiti" icons that people can use on LJ, DW, etc.? Much appreciation to anyone who can!

At this point (5 PM on Wednesday) I am not monitoring all comments to every post - I've turned off LJ's emailing to me all the comments for all the offering posts (except the lightning round), so if there's something I need to see, make sure it's a comment to one of the other posts.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for offering, bidding, pimping and cheering people on. The news out of Haiti is so grim - hopefully this will be a way for so many people around the world to help.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, that sounds fantastic! You can put it in Words or in Misc., I think.

Can you offer more than one thing (ex., Writing skills AND graphics skills) and if someone 'buys' your offer, can you post something else in the same/different category when it's over?

You can definitely offer more than one thing at a time - your only limitation is personal, ie how much do you think you can do?

Hi, I was wondering, if we offer to draw something, do we mail it to the winner or post it online?

Generally, you post it online but if you want to send the physical item, you can do so if the person wants it. It would be lovely, in other words, but it is not required.

When I was looking through offers and putting in a few bids, I noticed something... There are a number of bids that seem to have gone in as replies to the post itself, rather than to whatever comment contained the offer they were bidding on.

This is probably from people mistakenly hitting the "Leave a comment" link for the whole post, rather than the "Reply" link directly under the comment they wanted to reply to. It's particularly easy to do that if you've clicked through from a direct link to a particular offer, because that way the "Leave a comment" link appears very close to the comment, and it's not evident just from looking at it that it's for commenting on the post itself.

Going through and noting all of those, and telling the people who posted them that they did it wrong and how to correct it, would probably be a massive task. But maybe a reminder could be posted letting people know they have to click the "Reply" link directly under an offer, not the "Leave a Comment" link? And that if they've made a bid but don't see it under the item they bid on, they should check to make sure it actually went to the right place?

I just don't want to see any potential donations get lost due to user interface confusion...

: nods

We've spot-checked and a lot of times the person has realized their error and posted somewhere else with an offer. But if someone wanted to go through and remind people where they see that sort of issue, that would be fine. I sould be able to do a bunch tonight myself, but any help would be appreciated.

(Deleted comment)
The winning bidder can donate directly to one of the charities listed in the post here. No money will have to go through the Offerors or the comm moderators/maintainers.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
We have barred a few things, including auctioning off individual downloaded songs and usernames on third party sites like AOL and LJ, and given the circumstances, I'm concerned that this concept, also, might be on the edges of LJ's ToU. So I think it might be too risky at this point, but perhaps in the second round....

Looking at the number of comments in the second 'offers of words' post, is it time to close that, and start a third thread?

We closed the first one because I thought the comment cap was 5,000 but it turns out (thank you ohnotheydidnt) that it's actually 10,000. So I think we'll be okay - if it's over 3000 by the time I wake up in the morning, I may close it then, though...

Would it be possible for me to close one of my auctions early? I'm doing the NYC Chinatown in a box, but I go back to college Monday afternoon and won't be back in the city until mid-March. I'd just leave a comment to inform bidders of the earlier end date.

If that's not okay, then I can work it out so I'm sending two boxes (one with general Chinatown items, and one with items the winner specifically wants) as long as the winner is okay with it.

I'm concerned that if we have multiple ending-times, things could get confusing and overwhelming, both for bidders and for mods. So I'm going to ave to say no, although I wish I could say yes.

Thank you so much for participating, and travel safely!

If you still need them--


Credit-- Icon: wei_jiangling, Photo: CBC News

I'll offer fanfic for Kyo Kara Maou, Harry Potter (slash pairing, Harry/Draco preferred, but willing to attempt others), Pet Shop of Horrors, Legal Drug or nearly any CLAMP manga/anime. Wil consider nearly any other manga in publication, including yaoi. Rating max to 'M', approximately 5,000 words, certain squicks apply (bidder choice of prompts/universe & we'll work it out separately, please),will turnaround asap for good cause. Standard disclosures/legalities apply.

Hi! You need to add this using the template, in the second Words Offered post, so people will see it. I'm freezing this thread to keep things organized.

If we have the winning bid, are we allowed to split the donations between chairities? For example, if I win with a bid of $150, can I do three chairities of $50 each? Thanks! :)

It could really add to the confirmation process, but we will allow it for up to five charities, and all the images are in a single document/file.

I want to offer something, but I'm not sure I'll be able to have it ready in time. Do you have any idea when the second winter round starts? ^^

It is going to be in tandem with President's Day Weekend/Valentine's Day.

Why are we not being notified if we are outbid ?

Basically because this has become just so big! We never expected this!

But you can set up your own outbidding-notification thing by clicking to *Thack* replies to the Offer you're replying to.

Thank you, too, for participating!

There's a youtube user willing to donate 300 dollars per 100k views on a video he posted. There'd be no bidding on it, really but like... is there a way it could be on this comm to help get it views? He's only running it up until Monday.

We're not really doing donations for publicity, per se, but you can post about it in the Lightning Round informationally.

No account

I don't have LJ account. Do I need to have one to place a bid? If the account is necessary, is it too late to create one?

Do you have an OpenID with yahoo, aol, google, etc.? If so, please use that if you don't have an LJ.

Otherwise you can still get an LJ at http://www.livejournal.com