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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Questions! And a request!
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you have a question about which category something fits into, or about the bidding process, please ask it here.

ETA: If you don't specify the currency for bidding, we will automatically presume that it's US dollars. If people want to use a currency converter, to keep things even we can use the cnnfn.com one, or Paypal's automated process.

And is anyone able to do some simple "Help Haiti" icons that people can use on LJ, DW, etc.? Much appreciation to anyone who can!

At this point (5 PM on Wednesday) I am not monitoring all comments to every post - I've turned off LJ's emailing to me all the comments for all the offering posts (except the lightning round), so if there's something I need to see, make sure it's a comment to one of the other posts.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for offering, bidding, pimping and cheering people on. The news out of Haiti is so grim - hopefully this will be a way for so many people around the world to help.

So I was considering this idea a bit, but what would you guys think of a help_haiti fic meme?? Where instead of bidding on authors, people offer donations for prompts:

"I will donate $X if someone will fulfill the following prompt: plot plot plot."

IDK, I think it would take the pressure off authors who may or may not be popularity or whatever.

Just a thought. :)


That is basically what we have going on in the Requests post....

I'm interested in a couple items and have a question about shipping. Would the winner pay the amount of shipping to the auction offerer if there is no information about it (saying free shipping , winner helps out with shipping, etc.), or would the offerer pay the shipping? I'm also in Canada and am wondering if I should note this in my bid. Thank you.

I am interested in this question as well. I would like to offer an altered book, but might not be able to afford the shipping if the winner is international. Can someone please direct me to an answer to this?


Are there going to be additional rounds of this after January 20? After all, these charities and Haiti still would need assistance. (Of course, it is a ridiculous amount of mod work, so I can see why you wouldn't do that.)

(Deleted comment)
Oh mygosh, I hope you're doing better! We are definitely doing a second round in February, and probably another one in April. So you can put in an offer and say it'll be filled later in the spring, or you can wait.

Hope you feel better!

(Deleted comment)
Can offers of specialist consulting (e.g. medical / scientific / translating etc.)be included on one of the master lists? The beta list seems most obvious to me but you may have a better idea.

The ones I know of (without a search) are:
Forest_Rose on page 2 of Word Offerings 1
Myself on page 36 of Word Offerings 2

Thanks for the amazing amount of work you have all done

I would like to offer printed books of my novels. However, I cannot cover the cost of printing right now (about $7 per book). Is it possible/permissible to put up an auction asking for printing costs in addition to the donation? I am happy to work with the bidders on paying the printing costs after they make the donation; I just wanted to be sure this was kosher before placing my auction. :)

I must also echo so many who have already spoken here--thank you for doing this. It is a wonderful idea!

Yes, as long as you make it clear in the Offering. Thank you!

I can get you a tutorial on Mac's Graphic Converter and screen capping on a Mac. :) Just let me know a.) if someone's beaten me to the punch and b.) if you want this posted here or to my LJ. :)

First offer! Thank you so much! Are you able to host the images? If so then can you send me the code and I'll put it into a post? Does that work?

(Deleted comment)

Re: on redacting/removing info

Oh, that is FANTASTIC to know! Would you be able to write it up as a tutorial? It would be so so appreciated!

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(Deleted comment)
I want to offer my all-natural oatmeal and molasses dog biscuits but not exactly sure if I should put them in the baked goods. Advice needed!

Edited at 2010-01-16 02:33 pm (UTC)

The food section is for all food, so I think it's fine there. So clever of us not to distinguish between food for people and food for Animal Companions! (no, not clever, actually, just a lucky break!)

Hello. :D

Two questions:

1) When you put up a tutorial for the name-screening on the confirmation, could you add a brief description of how to do a screenshot? I had a wild guess at it, and lo, I was right, but I'd guess a lot of people don't know how to?

2) I've seen several people comment that they'd rather not delete a misplaced bid because deleting bids isn't allowed, but I assume that this doesn't apply to a bid that's not attached to an offer...?

Also, would it in any way be useful to you if people started collecting links with misplaced bids, so you could delete them, if we first leave a comment to that effect for the poster? (Or, alternatively, if you'd feel comfortable doing so, you could give a few people temporary mod-status (or whatever status it is that allows you to delete comments), and have them doing the deleting). If you think things are good as is, that's fine, too, obviously! It's just a suggestion because there seem to be so many misplaced bids, which doesn't make navigating the pages any easier. :o)

Edit: Am PM'ing you instead.

Edited at 2010-01-16 07:18 pm (UTC)

1. Yes, definitely, at least for Windows and Apple OS's. We'll do a Linux if someone knows how...

2. It would be terrific if people could give us the URLs for mis-located bids - we can screen them, and I could then make a note of it in my email archive.

The reason for asking for no deleting is because it's so easy to glitch it for no apparent reason - screening is less of an issue because it isn't permanent, so it's fine if people want to screen their own posts if they're in the wrong place.

I am wondering if you are going to be doing another auction after the 20th?
I just found out about this comm, and I might know some artists that could donate some art, but I am afraid by the time I get the art in my hands, the auction will be over.

I am not the mod, but she has replied here that there would be another round in February and possibly April, if that puts your mind at ease. :o)

Advice on payment by Just Giving

Hi, I am bidding on one item in this auction and hoping to bid on a few more.

I had an unfortunate experience involving exchanging money and personal details on the web very recently and am still a bit wary, would it be OK if I donated via a Just Giving page, with a link to the page showing my donation amount and sea_link username as proof of donation?

I would add this information (that I planned to donate via Just Giving) to every bidding post I made so the person donating the item would know in advance.

Thanks in advance (and thankyou for dreaming up and running this site!)

Re: Advice on payment by Just Giving

How does JustGiving work? You donate via them and it shows up on a list? Do we know how much of a cut they take?

In other words, the answer is possibly but I need a bit more info. And I will check if giving through our UNICEF page works in a similar way.

There are some print copies of published novels being auctioned off as well, but they're not listed on any masterlist or the delicious account. Here are the ones I know of:

3 signed copies of Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen here

1 signed copy of Dominic: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber here: here

1 signed copy of either Every Good Thing or Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin here: here

3 signed copies of publications by Less Than Three Press here: here

Maybe you can add them to the delicious account and/or the masterlist for Words-offering? I saw a Neil Gaiman book listed on the Miscellaneous masterlist so I'm not sure. Thanks!

An FYI on safely obscuring info on the confirmation email:

The blur tool often (always?) can be un-blurred and that information recovered well enough to be read and thus current best practice is to completely black things out. I don't know if the people doing the tutorials know this (the maths/comp.sci. of this were only figured out recently-- in the past year or so-- and while it's fairly well known among certain geek-circles, I don't know how far into popular knowledge it has gone), so you should probably tell them? (If you wish, I could probably dig up a reference to this, but it would likely take a bit of time.)

Oh, eek! Is it the same for using the rectangle or pen tool to black over it?

I'd like to add a fandom in my auction post, as no one has yet bid on it, or should I create a new auction?

If you can edit and nobody has bid on it yet, you can add it.