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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Questions! And a request!
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you have a question about which category something fits into, or about the bidding process, please ask it here.

ETA: If you don't specify the currency for bidding, we will automatically presume that it's US dollars. If people want to use a currency converter, to keep things even we can use the cnnfn.com one, or Paypal's automated process.

And is anyone able to do some simple "Help Haiti" icons that people can use on LJ, DW, etc.? Much appreciation to anyone who can!

At this point (5 PM on Wednesday) I am not monitoring all comments to every post - I've turned off LJ's emailing to me all the comments for all the offering posts (except the lightning round), so if there's something I need to see, make sure it's a comment to one of the other posts.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for offering, bidding, pimping and cheering people on. The news out of Haiti is so grim - hopefully this will be a way for so many people around the world to help.

I have a question about confirmations - how can we confirm that the winner of our thread donated all the money they said they would total. As an example, let's say someone bids on my thread and another thread - they win both. They provide proof to me with the amount they donated on my thread and to the offerer on the other thread. What if they provide both offerers with the same receipt? (Not that I think anyone would do this - just that they could.) How can the comm then be certain that the totals are correct?

That's one reason we are hoping that people who win 2+ bids confirm through the comm mods - because we will know their total total, and will know how it can be divided. But we are going to ask people to not mask their confirmation numbers so you can always look to see if they won anything else, and check with the other people whose stuff they won....

It's not ideal, I know, but there's no way to be 100% sure, given that we have multiple agencies for people to donate to.

Edited at 2010-01-17 03:00 am (UTC)

I have a quickie question: If I was to offer up translating and possibly scanlating services, would they go under Word Offerings or Miscellaneous? Just wanted to make sure before I leave a comment. Thanks!

Either one would be terrific, thanks!

I know you waited until 3k comments on the second Words post to break it again, but both Artistry and Misc are [my bad!] the Miscellaneous post is past 2k now, and if the limit's 5k for comments... and if each of the ones already up there receives only one more comment/question/bid before the deadline....

You're probably keeping better track of this stuff than I am, but just in case...

Edited at 2010-01-17 07:51 am (UTC)

I thought it was 5k but it turns out that (thank you ohnotheydidnt - it is actually ten thousand comments. So I am keeping an eye on it, but it should be ok...

Something to point out! If you want to donate to the red cross relief fund with a quick and easy step, and you live in North America, starbucks takes donations that go directly there. when you get a reciept (for your taxes or whatever) you can scan it and there is easy proof that you donated, and there is no name on it! if your barista gives you a blank look tell them it is on the misc screen between cup fund and ethos fund.

ps, maybe we can remind people to look into company match programs so they can give twice as much? because a lot of places do that!

just two things I thought to mention :)

Cool, will add this!

I looked on the Starbucks website - do we know if they are giving 100% of the donationto Haiti, or a portion? And is it something someone can do if they aren't buying coffee, just by walking into a Starbucks?

Edited at 2010-01-17 03:02 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Just go to the current WORDS post, copy the template from the post, click LEAVE A COMMENT, paste it in, fill it out, and click POST COMMENT.

Thank you SO much for participating!

I created and maintain a list of writers who are offering to write Harry Potter stories with the pairing Remus/Sirius here:

We've linked to the list in the rs_prophet on Friday and will do it again on Tuesday. Also, I posted an appeal and a link to the list in remusxsirius.

Hi, I'd like to make a change on my offering post but I have no idea how to edit my post... :D
This comm is a brilliant idea! :)

Thank you!

You need a paid or a permanent account to edit a post - if you don't have one and nobody has bid yet, you can delete the post and do a new one.

LMK if none of these options work for you.

Hi! I thought I'd leave a note here just as a heads up. The comm might be getting a mention on WORT, community radio out of Madison, Wisconsin later this morning (Sunday). I'm not sure if it will, depending on time, but if it does, I'll pop back over here with a link to the podcast of the show it gets referenced in.

I only know about this beforehand because I'm hopefully the journalist who'll be doing the mentioning! XD

Oh wow, that would be excellent! THANKS!

People are still leaving offers to the second words post. Maybe you could edit the entry to note that there's a third post?

Also if people leave misplaced bids it's OK to tell them? And should we leave the URLs in this post?

Tweaked. Thanks!

And yes, you can let people know they've posted in the wrong place.

Re: people posting offerings on old posts

Would it be OK if I posted the following comment to the end of the Word Offerings posts #1 and #2, since people are still posting offers there?


Hi! If you happen to have just posted an offer on this post and notice this comment, I would like to point you to the latest Word Offering post. If you have not received a bid yet, please delete your offer and repost it there. Many thanks!

Why you should repost:

To avoid exceeding the maximum number of comments on any of the posts, since new comments keep coming in with each bid.

Additionally, many people are compiling lists of offers for certain fandoms to make navigating easier for everyone, and they will not be checking the older posts for new offers.

If you need any help, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do. :o) For specific questions, please Contact the mod."

People would hopefully see the comment after they have posted, and be able to relocate to the newest post. I'm assuming it's not such a big deal since the comments can go up to 10,000, but I imagine these offers will be missed by most people.

If you'd rather not, or if you'd like to c/p that text there yourself, it's all good with me, obviously. :o)

Re: people posting offerings on old posts

I like the idea, and you can do it, but I am not sure it'll stop all the additional offerings, since LJ pops people back to the first page of the offers. But if I add it to the bottom of the post itself people who do get popped back to the first page will have that opportunity to see it, too. Are you ok with me using your language?

Thank you for your cleverness!

Edited at 2010-01-17 04:39 pm (UTC)

It would be nice if the Request Post was also linked in the sidebar:)

Thanks for pointing that - I've added it on. You know how when you stare at something again and again and again you sometimes don't realize what you're missing....

I have a question! (I'm sorry, I've been so busy going through the offerings and getting ready for school I haven't gone through the questions already asked.)

I'd like to offer beta services free of charge - no donation necessary - to anyone writing anything in the fandoms I'm familiar with for pieces written for this comm. I have no idea where to post it, or if it's acceptable to post offerings that don't come with donations attached - I figured the donation on the written word is enough.

I don't know if there's enough interest to have a separate post, or a post where people can offer such things (I dunno, a graphic to go with your help_haiti donation-bought fic?) that aren't donation-dependent.

Oh, that's shiny! Like a freebies post, where people can post icons, banners, beta reading or vidding-beta services? I think that sounds great - I'll do something overnight tonight.

Mercy Corps seems like a pretty solid organization, they already have people on the ground in Haiti and they take Paypal, which is the only option some people have for donating. You already have them on your charities post, but I wanted to let you know that they also let organizations and individuals set up a fundraising page similar to the ones UNICEF does:


Just thought it might be helpful.

You are doing an amazing thing by modding this comm, by the way. Thank you. ♥

I made a request in the Requesting Thread, and someone responded. They won't be able to fill the request until after the deadline (which is fine- I said so in "Additional Info), but when exactly should I make my donation and show proof of it? Should I do it on the original deadline, when everyone else does, or should I wait until my request is filled?

We are asking people to donate when the auction closes. If the person doesn't come through by the deadline you've agreed to, we'll get a pinch hitter to fulfill your request, hopefully not too long thereafter!

thegoldenseeker, a Harry Potter recs letter gave this community a nice plug today.