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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Questions! And a request!
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
If you have a question about which category something fits into, or about the bidding process, please ask it here.

ETA: If you don't specify the currency for bidding, we will automatically presume that it's US dollars. If people want to use a currency converter, to keep things even we can use the cnnfn.com one, or Paypal's automated process.

And is anyone able to do some simple "Help Haiti" icons that people can use on LJ, DW, etc.? Much appreciation to anyone who can!

At this point (5 PM on Wednesday) I am not monitoring all comments to every post - I've turned off LJ's emailing to me all the comments for all the offering posts (except the lightning round), so if there's something I need to see, make sure it's a comment to one of the other posts.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for offering, bidding, pimping and cheering people on. The news out of Haiti is so grim - hopefully this will be a way for so many people around the world to help.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Lightning Round Stats


Question: I offered a fic in the first "Words" round, which ended on Jan. 15. What's the next step? Should I contact my winning bidder or do they contact me?

No, it didn't end - it's still going on, until January 20 at noon Eastern Standard (US) time. We just opened another thread and asked people to stop making new offers in that thread - it is still open to bids, though! So plug it and see if anyone else wants to bid on it...

by offering audio things - will it be a problem if the music was downloaded before for free from the Internet?is there some kinda of policy?

Also im really sorry for PMing pinkfinity - schould have found this place earlier!

iTunes and Amazon both allow you to share what you purchased as long as you share it with only a few people. We've asked people not to offer individual songs, just mixes, though.

snapenews added a plug for the comm and links to threads where their boy, Professor Snape was offered up for auction! Also, it appears that lupin_snape is going to try to make a master list of Snape/Lupin offers like I maintain for the Remus/Sirius offers.

Groovy! We are going to have up a post later today asking for people to share comms where things are sorted by character, ship or fandom - can you repost there?

Two questions:

1st: When does the second round start?
2nd: How many items do you need to offer?

1. Sometime in February - exact date undecided.
2. At least one. :D

(Deleted comment)
1. That's how it works on ebay! We have a team of people who are going to freeze all the threads to new posts so nobody will be able to post a comment beyond the thread closing moment - we hope to do it all in the minute of noon, but it may go until 12:02 or :03. We will be posting a new post about all of this later today when I've tested out a few things.

2. Yes, although in that case it might be easier to confirm to the mods, not to the Offeror. But if you do confirm to the Offerors, you need to do it with an email with the screencap attached or linked to on photobucket/LJ, and you'll need to cc all of them on said email.

Would it be possible to include a link to the AO3 collection on the sidebar so it's easier to find?

Thanks for all your hard work! This is an incredible amount of work you're all doing and I'm very appreciative of the good it's doing.

Yes! Added!

And thank *you* for participating!

I got two donation confirmations from buyers of my lightning round items, do I need to post these to the community maintainers to confirm the money was donated?

No, you need to confirm to the donors. As per the lightning round instructions:
Note: Since I will be traveling over the weekend, it's going to have to be up to the person making the offer to decide how he or she wants to confirm that the "donation minimum" has been, er, donated. You can ask people to forward you a screencap with their address and portions of their name (such as everything but the first letter of their first and last name) blocked out, or forward a redacted version of their donation-confirming email, or a photo of the confirming text message - whatever works for you.

(I'm back home now, btw, but so flooded with other comm maintenance things, and the offeree-confirmations seem to be working well, so we're going to leave it that way through the end of the round on Wednesday.)

This is probably a dumb question, but once someone wins a bid, how exactly do they donate the specified amount of money?

People can donate directly to the charity/organization, or by buying Help Haiti v-gifts here on LJ, or through a middleman like Starbucks or JustGiving or Amazon, who've committed to passing the money onto the named organization(s).

The details will be shared later today or tomorrow. No money will go through the comm moderators/maintainers.

I'd like to ask something...
I'm a pretty good writer but I always used to write about original characters... How does this works? I mean... I'd like to offer a fic but can I offer it if there isn't a fandom, actually, because the characters are original? And if I can, is it possible for the winner of the auction to give me a prompt or something like that to make sure he will like the fic?
Thanks for the answer, the attention and sorry for the quality of my english (I'm italian...!)

You can definitely offer original fiction, I've seen it done. And you can talk it over with the winner, but a prompt is frequently how it's done.

(I'm not a mod, I just like answering questions. :p.)

Can one donate to the local branch of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders?

It'd be my first choice.

Just in case you haven't seen it: your question was answered in this post. (Basically, it's yes. :o))

I offered some art and I started the bid in dollars. Does it matter since I live in France or not? I wanted to make sure I got it right or if I had to change something.
Thank you for your wonderful work.

Hi! A lot of people are sticking to dollars to keep it simple, so it shouldn't be a problem. People can ultimately donate in whatever currency they wish: they'll just have to convert the amount they bid in dollars to their currency of choice. :o)

I just got an anonymous bid. Is that allowed?

Hi! The following helpful comment was left to me by murinae:

"Of note, I was looking something up for a bidder and found, much to my surprise, that Australia doesn't allow international shipments of jewelry. Someone else has made another bid, but maybe the community should note that bidders should check with their country's postal service regarding mailing restrictions before they make bids.

Here's the
US Postal service's TLDR about it.

Here's the listing by countries about what is actually allowed to be shipped from the USA

From, again, the USPS

Again, it's only regarding things coming from the USA. Each countries' Postal service should have a list somewhere. Maybe a top post about this -- I hate to see anyone's awesome efforts to help being blocked at the gate. :("

That does seem like something people should look into? Maybe a note on the miscellaneous and arts posts? Although I suppose many people have already bid and won't be checking back anymore. :/ I don't know how big an issue this is going to turn out to be, but it might be worth a separate post?

[Also, she mistook me for a mod, so let me pass on this message:

"Thank you so much for your awesome efforts! You really are making a difference!!!"

Seconded, obviously. :D]

Will link her to here in a moment, so she can see your answer, if you have one. :o)

I have tried to post $65 for pdragon76 for supernatural fanfic. I don't know where that stands in the bidding process but I don't see it showing up under comments either.

Is here something else I need to do?


Hi! :D Just to double-check: have you chosen 'reply to this' (rather than 'leave a comment') when you replied to the offer? If you've chosen 'leave a comment' your reply probably showed up as a reply to the entire post. Could you try again just once? If it doesn't work, let me know on what page of what post the offer is, and I'll see what I can do to help. :o)