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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Icons, updates, info, etc.
Palms by echoe69
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
Thanks SO much to everyone who's posted an offer, pimped the comm, bid on something, created icons (see them below!) and contributed to this fundraising effort. We have over a hundred items on offer already, and as per the poll from this morning, we'll allow people to add things until the morning of January 20 (Eastern Standard Time).

Posts are staying relatively well organized; I'm checking them every few hours, but if anything gets very out of control, please email me so I see it relatively quickly. If the posts start to get out of control, we might need to do index posts, but if they stay as they are we should be ok.

Please visit the post here to see the current list of charities that auction winners can donate to. I was thinking that a confirmation-of-donation process next week that involves screencaps of redacted donation confirmations, combined with scanned/photographed receipts if anyone donates via cash in person, might work, but suggestions for how other fandom-run fundraisers have done it before would be much appreciated. And if you have other organizations to add to the list, or issues with any of those listed, please comment!

By alchemistc
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By monantolisa

By lalita_b

Stunning banners for your journal and/or User Info page by e_transitions
Banners if you're bidding, also by e_transitions

A heartwrenching banner by unperfectwolf

Dynamic banners by mokusan

by tresa_cho

The Offering Threads
Something Interesting (Misc.)
Lightning Round for instant donate-and-claim fics/drawbles

Awesome! thank you for organizing all this and thank you to everyone else for donating & bidding!

Thank you for supporting it, too!

If you're interested, I'd be happy to set up a "collection" at An Archive of Our Own for authors to put their stories into. Obviously, this would be completely optional and I can try to help people who need an account get one. Just thought it might be a nice little 'one-stop-shopping' for people looking for the story they requested and would help get the word out as people start seeing stories come up on the archive.

If you're interested just let me know. :)

Oh, that could be neat! I think it would be good for fics where both the writer and the auction winner want to upload it there, especially if the "gift for" option that exists for yuletide fics was possible for these, too.

This is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for doing this.

Thank you so much for participating!

How will those who 'win' be allowed to pay for the auction and how will that be verified? Someone has posted that they will not do any payment online, but will do check or cc. Since I have never participated for this type of auction for charity, I hope you don't mind me asking or pointing to the part of the LJ that answers the questions where I'll smack myself in the head for missing it. :D

Thank you and thank you for putting this together.

Paying online is the easiest for most, but for most people, it should be possible to donate in person with cash or a check, and get a reciept, or give a credit card via an 800 number. With the 800 number - I've asked someone who did it to let me know if they will send a confirmation via email because then it can be confirmed the same way as an online donation, and we should know by the end of the week.

In person donations - you can get a receipt and take a photo of it or scan it, after redacting your address and other info from it.

Can you post my icons on the page also just in case someone wants to use them?

I'm sorry, forgive me, but I've never heard of one of these before so I've got a couple of questions.

If I were to offer something (which would be fic), then, when the person wins, they donate say $50 (or however the amount they won with was) to a Haiti charity? So I wouldn't have to deal with the money?

It's just, I don't have a paypal etc. so I was wondering how the winner thing works...

So really my only role is to post my offer, and then write the fic for the winner, who does the money part themselves...?

*works it out in my head* So if this were a normal auction, and the winner won with $50, they'd pay me, right? But because it's for charity, that money goes to the Haiti charity?

Sorry if this is a little confusing! I want to do what I can to help, but I don't want to muck anything up :)

Good questions! Thank you for asking and being interested in the auction!

If I were to offer something (which would be fic), then, when the person wins, they donate say $50 (or however the amount they won with was) to a Haiti charity? So I wouldn't have to deal with the money?

Correct. Not sure yet if the winner will send you their confirmation or if they'll send it to me and a few others who'll be collecting the confirmations, but either way none of the $$ will go to or through you.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you so much for setting this up!

I just wanted to mention that I've started scraping away at the gargantuan task of creating a masterlist for the fic auctions here. Not sure if it'll be of help, since it's only current to the end of the third page of comments thus far, but it might save people some scrolling! :)

Fantastic, thanks! Do you want me to give you posting privs on the comm so you can do a post with all this info? I think it would be terrific, especially as we've just added an additional Offering Words thread for New Offers.

I don't even know what I could offer, but thank you so much for setting this all up! Fandom rules!

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Definitely, just say so.

Also, I love your icon.

This is wonderful! I was thinking of taking up that offer of TEXTING and then having $10 donated (if I win a bid over 10, I'll round up to the next 10, and do it 1, 2, 3, however times. Im pretty sure they would send your phone a confirmation.. and, being technologically slow, I cant think of anything else but taking pictures of the confirmation message? Is there a better way to do that?

Edited at 2010-01-14 06:35 am (UTC)

Taking a photo is fine, and also your phone company may show it within 24ish hours on your phone bill, if you can see it online and get a screencap.

Thank you for participating1

You've done an amazing job of putting this together so quickly.

Thank you so much, but it's all the offerors and bidders who are making this so amazing.

Thank you for organizing all of this!

I've got a few icons here as well.

Thank you so much! I'll add them on today!

They aren't that great, but I made a few banners for people to use to promote the cause in their entries/profiles/whatever. Uploaded to tinypic, feel free to hotlink.

Thank you! I'll add them later today.

(Deleted comment)
I just put up a second thread for offering words, because yes you're absolutely right, we could hit the max.

eponymous_rose has started indexing the Words offers here but we could use help indexing the Artistry one, too, and she might need some help with the Words one. Can the two of you connect here or in PMs? I can give you posting privs on the comm to post the indexes.

And thank you SO much for offering! I am offline from about 10:30 until at least 2:30 today (will be reading email, but no web) so this would be a tremendous help to the comm.

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