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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Simple Text Hyperlink List: FOOD ITEMS
drvsilla wrote in help_haiti
Feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate all the awesome pages of goodies as help_haiti? Have a list instead! ♥
→ I was working on these for my own LJ, then heidi8 hooked me up to put them here as well.
→ Please be sure to REFRESH. I'm updating as I can; new items added at the bottom of the list this list now CATEGORIZED. Items featured above the cut are also in the categories below.
→ Many apologies for any misspellings, mistakes or broken links; I've been doing tons of coding with these, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few. Please just let me know in the comments, with any deets, & if needed linking directly to the item in question [error].


imaginarycircus || A package of homemade French macarons
imaginarycircus || A batch of homemade vanilla sables
liret || A care-package of New Orleans foods
lls_mutant || Homemade caramels, box of 40 pieces
abyssinia4077 || Homemade 3 dozen oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
isiscolo || Homemade organic granola, and homemade mostly-organic granola bars
sprnaturalgrl || Homemade batch of marble brownies (blonde and chocolate brownies marbled together)


kynical || A care package of Iowa regional foods/treats
bookelfe || Brunch care package
y2jdingo || Goody box/es from Australia
lumcheng || A box of various candies from Germany
ladyelleth || Tea Lover's Kit
anya_elizabeth || Delicious cream teas sets
bethcarielle || A box of three "Made in Montana" huckleberry treats
psychedelicammo || A grab bag of Trader Joe's goodies
tigg71 || A care-pack of Aussie treats
feanna || German sweets
st_aurafina || Tim Tams from Australia
nmalfoy || Texas Care Package
wishingiwaslost || Disneyland candies and snacks
alovelycupoftea || A Typically English Shoebox of Goodies
genarti || A package of New England foods including real maple syrup
queeofspades || Swedish candy goodie box
deensey || Two x Aussie Gift box containing Timtams...
ciza || A package of chocolates and lollies from Melbourne, Australia
liret || A care-package of New Orleans foods
trialia || Two boxes of goodies and non-edible treats from England
gila_elegans || A box of at least 25 assorted teas
orbitaldiamonds || Uniquely Alaskan foods and goodies
the_gabih || A box of sweets and/or baked goods


drvsilla || Candied Citrus Peel
indywind || New Orleans style pralines with handpicked local pecans, 2 batches
libitina || 30 chocolate truffles
tacohime || Approximately two dozen (24) homemade truffles
meletor_et_al || Homemade fudge
voxangelus || Batch of Oreo Truffles
bookwrm89 || Assorted Homemade Candies/Cookies
rule_number_7 || 25$ worth (give or take) of Laura Secord chocolates
heleentje || Belgian chocolate, five bars, your choice flavors
zoeiona || Three lots of approx. 200g / 7oz of homemade treacle toffee [dutch auction]
herophelia || Two dozen cake truffles, whatever your favorite kind of cake
scherryzade || A selection of Thorntons' chocolates
superkappa || One batch of homemade caramels
unrequited_rain || One batch of Velveeta Fudge (it is a lot tastier than it sounds, I promise)
zoeiona || Hotel Chocolat chocolates
lls_mutant || Homemade caramels, box of 40 pieces
crystalcazzie || A selection of Cadbury’s chocolates from the UK
dlandry12 || Chocolate Fudge and Divinity
elspethdixon || A dozen chocolate truffles from Jacques Torres Chocolate
sapah_fu || 2) boxes of Goo Goo Clusters Candy Bars
coendou || One dozen Star Wars chocolates


Bidder's Choice
midnightsmagic || TWO batches of baked goods, your choice
ebcdic || Homemade baked goods
brooklynmili || Gluten-free baked goods

Bread Stuffs / Sweets
potthead || Two loaves of homemade bread
evila_elf || Two mini loaves of Cinnamon bread
norah || One "round" of cinnamon rolls
evil_erato || Amazing scones
thedeadparrot || Two loaves of banana bread
bluestocking79 || A duo of from-scratch quick breads
jaebi_lit || 1 batch of home-made hazelnut & orange biscotti
sansets || Two batches of 12 pumpkin muffins [dutch auction]
dlandry12 || Either a batch of peanut butter cookies, or a batch of cinnamon doughnut muffins
syrinth || A full batch of approximately 30 Pets de Soeurs
oulangi || Traditional Dutch Speculaas
animerei || Two loves of date-nut bread
ishirane || "Baci di Dama" (lady's kiss, more or less)

lookninjas || Homemade double batch of Aztec Gold Brownies
ohownovel || Homemade fudge brownies, snickerdoodles, ginger cookies
onigaminanashi || Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Bites and Simply Symphony Brownies
sprnaturalgrl || Homemade batch of marble brownies (blonde and chocolate brownies marbled together)

beanarie || A batch of cakies (cake-cookies)
wellowned || 7-Up Pound Cake
tinlizzie82 || Lemon rum cake
afrikate || A homemade pound cake, either lemon or chocolate
ugbun || Character cake: a specialty or fun cake designed and created to your liking
laura47 || Rum cake
laura47 || Vegan rum cake

blue_fjords || One dozen vegan cupcakes
potthead || One batch of two dozen (24) cupcakes
mouideet || Cheesecake cupcakes with strawberry, 24 count
dynonugget || 1 Dozen Cherry Chip Cupcakes
himhilien || 2 dozen (24) chocolate pomegranate cupcakes

abyssinia4077 || Homemade 3 dozen oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
obsessed1 || Homemade one batch of cookies each to the top two bidders [dutch auction]
boosette || Homemade (1) batch of two dozen (24) flavored sugar cookies
meletor_et_al || Homemade clockwork butter cutout cookies, plain butter cutout cookies
haplessweasel || Choice of cookies to the top 3 bidders [dutch auction]
athenemiranda || Fannish shortbread people
evila_elf || Two dozen cookies
unnecessaryhat || 1 dozen homemade frosted sugar cookies
pokeystar || 3 dozen White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies, 3 dozen Rosemary Pinenut Cookies
devilyouwere || One batch World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
evil_erato || One batch lemon-sugar cookies
aecamadi || 4 dozen cookies of winner's choice
highd || Cookies goody box
wellowned || 3 dozen grab bag of cookies
mithrigil || Fandom Character Cookies
pyjamapants || Two Dozen "GingerSnapes"
geministar01 || One decorative gift tin filled with one batch cookies
mercilynn || 2 dozen home-made snickerdoodle cookies
xekacpucx || A batch of Mocha Walnut Cookies
dracodew17 || 3 dozen of my Black & White cookies
elenauial || "Monster Cookies": Two dozen large chocolate chip and pecan cookies
latropita || 2 dozen homemade cookies (mixed ratio of your choosing) for up to 5 people [dutch auction]
fushiforever || A box of various homemade goodies to the top 5 bidders [dutch auction]
blankspectrum || Cookies. I will send the winning bidder one batch (2 to 3 dozen) of your choice
silvey || Character cookies - Any fandom
nakotaco || Decorated sugar cookies
smiko || A full batch (about 35-40) of cranberry and white chocolate shortbread cookies
highlander_ii || One (1) batch of Snickerdoodle cookies
kemokage || Paintbrush sugar cookies
bluestocking79 || Packaged assortment of no fewer than 4 dozen fully homemade cookies
kinetikatrue || Cupcake-style Madeleines
myownmuggle || One batch of Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies
imaginarycircus || A package of homemade French macarons
imaginarycircus || A batch of homemade vanilla sables
underskinshanti || A Wild Menagerie of Cookies
ladythana || Gingerbread cookies, hand-cut to whatever shape you desire
ritergrl_xx || 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies
wolef || Three dozen homemade Cranberry Kahlua Cookies

potthead || Two homemade pies


lirazel || I will make you one batch of homemade jam of choice
erjika || Northwest Berry Jam
thenakedcat || Character mochi
jaebi_lit || 1 quart of home-made ice cream - SanFran / Berkeley residents only plz!
vouksen || 5 batches of homemade marshmallows
lovehateapathy || One dozen milk chocolate covered Oreos
isiscolo || Homemade organic granola, and homemade mostly-organic granola bars
myownmuggle || One batch of homemade beef jerkey
candesgirl || Grandma's amazing Sauce/Meatball recipe with some ingredients
nonvenomous || All canned/dry ingredients for the BEST slow cooker/crock pot Vegan Chili
ceramicbaby || 1.5 liters (6 cups) of homemade veggie soup - NJ residents only plz!
visionshadows || Homemade Chicken and Wild Rice Soup/Chili/Beef Stew
ladythana || Homemade ravioli
kaalee || Pre-made muffin mixes in fabric gift bags

Audio Offerings
Misc / Something Interesting Offerings
Artistry Offerings
Graphic Offerings

--We've had a few requests for an index of all Offered fandoms, but since there are thousands of posts, we're not sure we'd be able to catch up. However, it's relatively painless to search each page for the fandoms you're seeking. On each page, use your browser's search function to find all mentions of a word like "Potter", a fandom abbreviation like "DW" or "ST" or a character name like "Holmes" or "Snape". Yes, you have to go page by page, but you can scan all the offers this way. heidi8 found the word "chocolate" on all the food offers this way. Thanks!--

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You are amazing! Thank you so much for organizing these lists.

Can't thank you enough for doing this. Just found a ton of stuff I missed!

Oh god, I just realised something perfect to offer but I can't cause I don't have the money to do it with.

Okay, any Brits on here with money? Cause you now those pesky foreigners would pay for Thorntons chocolate.

ETA: Loads of stuff on there that looks fantastic, but alas I'm unemployed and already donated $20 so... but gosh those look good. Hope you all get great bids on them!

Edited at 2010-01-15 12:55 am (UTC)

Why do I only spot the typos after its too late?


But yes! Someone should do that! It's lovely stuff and others should be able to have the chocolatey goodness.

Hey you. *g* *squishes* I'm doing a care package, and would totally plan to put some of that in there. ♥

Hey you! Care package huh? Coool. Doing graphicy things myself so I've been bent over photoshop for days lol.

Y'know, I wonder if some brave soul is going to go over and tally how much was raised in the lightening round once that's over, and then all the others once they're over too. Maybe a few people to average out any discrepencies.

*nods* Fic and icons, too, and I've put my autographed copy of Wicked up for auction, hard though that was for me to do! *g* I'm moving to my own flat right now, so I don't have much time to do stuff amongst all this, but I'm doing what I can.

Oooo, good on you! Get away from the looming prat of gigantic proportions! How goes the search?

Search is over - the council offered me a one-bedroom Friday before last, so I'm just waiting on the current tenant to vacate it and the council surveyors to check the place over before I can move in. :D


Is that one bedroom as in the bedroom is a part of the living room, or one bedroom with a living room too? Cuase if it's the first - where will all the books go?

The latter, as in a one-bedroom as opposed to a bedsit. XD So yeah, the books are mostly going in the living room, methinks. *squee*


*cracks up laughing* Yeah! And you will actually be able to sleep on my couch without being woken up in the morning by housemates! :D

Wooooo! This is awesome. Shall have to do a UK friends tour when I actually have any money, which means a job which means *POKES RL EMPLOYERS*

Ooo, and Tria! You need to try the milk chocolate with postashio nuts. Yum, yum and OMFG YUM.

*laughs* Or not. I can't stand pistachio!

Seems to be a little mix-up in the listing: the Belgian chocolate was offered by me (Heleentje), and I'm rather sure that the snickerdoodle cookies were offered by the person above me. Just letting you know :)

Oh, you're right; totally got those swapped. Thanks. :)

Good work with this. It is epic!

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