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Simple Text Hyperlink List: AUDIO ITEMS

Feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate all the awesome pages of goodies as help_haiti? Have a list instead! ♥
→ I was working on these for my own LJ, then heidi8 hooked me up to put them here as well.
→ Please be sure to REFRESH. I'm updating as I can; new items added at the bottom of the list this list now CATEGORIZED. Items featured above the cut are also in the categories below.
→ Many apologies for any misspellings, mistakes or broken links; I've been doing tons of coding with these, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few. Please just let me know in the comments, with any deets, & if needed linking directly to the item in question [error]. Special thanks to gestaltrose for helping me stay on top of this particular auction.


miscellanny || Podfic
abyssinia4077 || Podfic
roga || Podfic
juice817 || Podfic
burnfor || Podfic
luvplatinumbaby || Podfic
obsessed1 || Customized soundtrack complete with front and back covers for your fan fiction


hada_purpura || Podfic, original song
vanitashaze || Podfic or Song
hada_purpura || Podfic, Original song


juice817 || Three Podfics [dutch auction]
countersparking || Two podfics
psychedelicammo || Two podfics
nu_breed || Podfics
such_heights || Podfic
twasadark || Podfic
ladyrhyanne || Podfic
shiningartifact || Podfic
vociferocity || Podfic
jenwryn || Podfic
an_angels_light || Podfic
otrame || Podfic
fairyd123 || Podfic
bossymarmalade || Podfic
tsuki_no_bara || Podfic
aphelant || Podfic
shadphenix || Podfic
revolutionaryjo || Podfic
paraka || Podfic
eosrose || Podfic
cookiemom6067 || Podfic
boom_queen || Podfic
derryderrydown || Podfic
temaris || Podfic
brimtoast || Podfic
juniperlane || Podfic
blazon_paradox || Podfic
miscellanny || Podfic
abyssinia4077 || Podfic
roga || Podfic
burnfor || Podfic
luvplatinumbaby || Podfic
tomato_greens || Podfic
superstitiousme || Podfic
juniperphoenix || Podfic
liesofdesire || Podfic
saaski_moql || Podfic
framlingem || Podfic or other reading


lady_simoriah || Podfic or fanmixes
shiny_rosie || Two podfics, One fanmix
sionnain || Podfic or fanmix with cover art
fushiforever || Podfic, fanmix and cover art


ninety6tears || I can do a "soundtrack" for a fanfic of your choice, or a general mix for a fandom or ship
ldyghst || A fanmix for a given theme or a ficmix for an already completed fic
memphis86 || A soundtrack for anything you've written, drawn, watched, or of a particular theme
beckella || Fanmixes and/or themed mixes
hhertzof || Fanmix
plumerri || Fanmix
melannen || One mp3 music mix
lionessvalenti || Fanmix
mizubyte || Fanmix
purelush || Fanmix
beef_wonder3 || Fanmix
mllesays || One fanmix (with cd mailed to you, if you like)
colls || Fanmix/Soundtrack
shelightsupwell || Fanmix
shopfront || A choice of fanmix(es) or ficmix(es)
familiardevil || A fanmix
wellowned || 3 Fanmixes based on fandom or theme
twivamp92 || Fanmix
ldyghst || Fanmix
edgiko || Fanmix
spentayearinla || Fanmix, or picmix
spoggly || Fanmixes
impala_chick || Fanmix
foxinmyhands || Fanmix
alohachary1851 || Fanmix, theme mix
betareject || Fanmix and cover
touchthesoul || Fanmix, theme mix, podfic
mfirefly10 || Fanmix and cover art
growling || Fanmix and cover art
sweetnovicane || Fanmix and a cd if you wish, Atlanta themed scrapbook
phenylic || Fanmix
karmicunderpath || Fanmix and cover art
stellazeee || Fanmix and cover art
headphonesbaby || Music mix, Fan mix
nokitas || Fanmix/themed mix
musiclover48 || Fan mix
sorrowful_eagle || Mixed Tape or Fanmix
inscrupulaties || Fanmix or Themed mix
yamikonumber7 || Fan Soundtrack
obsessed1 || Customized soundtrack complete with front and back covers for your fan fiction
kashmir1 || Fanmix
surrexi || Fanmix
zarah5 || Story soundtrack
dunsparce || Story soundtrack


valmontheights || One original song
yhlee || Original music composition
vichan || Original Song Dean/Castiel
scdsam || Original Song: Fandom/Interests/Anything
oraclepunkw1tch || Original themed song or fandom song


saaski_moql || Voice-acting
scarletbaldy || X-Fools radio episodes
albumsontheside || Rants disguised as meta
kimoto || Manga audio fic
irisbleufic || Story [ note: written not audio; could be miscategorized ]
tears_of_purity || Radio play
dktara || Audio drama
shikonira || Audio drama
camajama || Audio drama or full story reading

Food Offerings
Misc / Something Interesting Offerings
Artistry Offerings
Graphic Offerings

--We've had a few requests for an index of all Offered fandoms, but since there are thousands of posts, we're not sure we'd be able to catch up. However, it's relatively painless to search each page for the fandoms you're seeking. On each page, use your browser's search function to find all mentions of a word like "Potter", a fandom abbreviation like "DW" or "ST" or a character name like "Holmes" or "Snape". Yes, you have to go page by page, but you can scan all the offers this way. heidi8 found the word "chocolate" on all the food offers this way. Thanks!--
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