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Simple Text Hyperlink List: MISC ITEMS 1

Feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate all the awesome pages of goodies as help_haiti? Have a list instead! ♥
→ I was working on these for my own LJ, then heidi8 hooked me up to put them here as well.
→ Be sure to REFRESH. I'm updating as I can.
→ Many apologies for any misspellings, mistakes or broken links; I've been doing tons of coding with these, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few. Please just let me know in the comments, with any deets, & if needed linking directly to the item in question [error]. Special thanks to glendaglamazon for helping me stay on top of this particular auction.

The MISC OFFERINGS post got too big to add anything more! Now it is a split post, with goodie boxes & potpourri in one post, and handmade & wearables and such here. <3

Misc Offerings 2


shay_renoylds || A tarot reading
buhdderkupp || Wisconsin Grab Bag
miscellanny || A tarot reading
julietk || Hand-knitted socks or gloves
woman_of_ || Tarot readings
rihani || 1 skein of hand-dyed sock yarn
dark_puck || 1 Fanvid to a song of your choice


jaune_chat || Two friendship bracelets
abigail89 || A custom strung charm and Swavorski crystal bracelet
burntspaghetti || Hand-made charm bracelet
saldemonium || Custom bracelet
arizonaicerose || A homemade beaded bracelet
wei_jiangling || Spiral-striped bangle bracelets
deanne || Crystal bracelet

rahenna || Beadwoven Swarovski & sterling earrings
saphira_ll || Handcrafted yarn arts | Handmade earrings

alan_mcleod || Custom-made, fused-glass jewelry
wei_jiangling || Custom-beaded jewelry set
meggitymeg || Assorted hand-crafted jewelry
sivanshemesh || Handmade jewelry
boosette || Three [3] pieces of wire-wrapped jewelry

Necklace / Pendant
jo_mako || A handmade necklace named for the Hawai'ian goddess Pele
zelda_zee || One bird’s nest necklace, sterling silver with pearl or stone eggs
myrrhmade || Handmade Jasper & Sterling Necklace
takhallus || Charm necklace or kilt pin
midnightsmagic || Beaded necklaces
kibebe || Sterling silver and glass bead necklace
passercul || Byzantine chainmail necklace
ellid || Sterling silver, moonstone, and freshwater pearl pendant
synn || Pendants made from wood tiles
mirien || A solid silver cast arrowhead
kira_snugz || Fire scarf, large honey opal herringbone wrap pendent

Phone Charm
hatenaimirai_e || Custom-made Swarovski crystal phone charms


Bag & A Blanket
scheherezhad || One crocheted bag
beth_soprano || Hand-crocheted baby blanket

sarahbrand || Crocheted fingerless gloves
darchildre || Crocheted Gloves

teaberryblue || One hat with ears of your choice
meansgirl || Custom crocheted cloche hat
hopefulnebula || Hand-crocheted hats
daisy_chan || Hand-crocheted (by grandma!) hat

edie22 || One crocheted item up to 2 skeins of yarn
shweetnettie13 || Crocheted something
mimbulus || Hand-crocheted items
mimbulus || Small crocheted runner | Cross-stitch rabbit

Random & Nifty
cleverboots || Hand-crocheted sushi
duckgirlie || Stuffed crochet figure, approx 4/5 inches tall
seticat || Small hand crocheted amulet bag
jadesfire || Crocheted items and toys

shinyjenni || A scarf made up of crocheted cotton flowers
apgeeksout || A crocheted scarf
bookchan || Hand-crocheted sunset scarf
daisy_chan || A purple neckwarmer


Baby Stuff & Blankets
potthead || One pair of knitted baby booties
potthead || One pair of knitted baby booties and matching cupcake hat
ceramicbaby || Hand-knitted baby sweater for girls age 12 to 24 months
ceramicbaby || Hand-knitted baby sweater for girls age 12 to 18 months
ceramicbaby || Hand-knitted baby sweater for boys age 6 to 12 months
twofourteen || Knitted blanket
liptonrm || Hand-knitted Afghan

significantowl || Hand-knit, Merlin-inspired fingerless mitts
thatlibrarylady || Doctor Who hand-knit wrist warmers

djinnj || Hand knit wool hat - Carousel animals
djinnj || Hand knit wool hat - Wizardly Incognito HP toque
cobaltcorax || Hand-knit, Doctor Who-themed hat
gaminette || Hand-knit kitty hat

shakespearebint || Hand-knit items
julietk || Hand-knitted socks or gloves
raynedanser || Hand-knitted items
becky_h || Your choice of knitted goodies
aiglet || Knitted Goodness
ladytemeraire || Assorted handknit items
ojuzu || Custom-made small knit item
darthfox || Hand-knit scarf, hat, or socks
dextrosinistral || Hand-knit items
st_valentina || Hand-knitted socks
dragonsinger954 || Hand-knit Molly Weasley sweater
acquiescence_ || Knifty Knitter scarf & hat

Random & Nifty
thegiantkiller || Custom knitting - labor & design
readerj || Knitted cushion with Sam and Dean's faces
potthead || One knitted purse
boosette || Hand-knit Tribble
wordplay || Hand-knit string bag
wordplay || 6 hand-knit cotton dishcloths
dextrosinistral || Hand-knit Trek logo washcloths
merwy || Hand-knit hot water bottle cover
rike_tikki_tavi || Knitted, stuffed Doctor Who Dalek
muscadinegirl || Baby "kithulhu" (knit Cthulhu)

Scarf / Stole / Wrap
beth_soprano || Handmade Doctor Who scarf
twofourteen || Knitted scarf
marlonbrando || Hand-knitted, vegan-fabric, Harry Potter Hogwarts House scarves
dextrosinistral || Hand-knit Doctor Who scarf
irish_ais || Loom-knitted Harry Potter scarf
gin200168 || Hand-knit skinny scarf
kallistei || Hand-knit lace stole
kbk || Hand-knit wrap
allthingsholy || Handknit double-cabled scarf


Fandom It
blienky27 || To make you something fandom-y
kksimone || Unframed fandom cross stitch
sprnaturalgrl || Custom tote/carryall for whatever fandom
ricebowl || Custom-made plush doll, any fandom
xx_azure_sky_xx || Plush doll of a character from any fandom
unhappyending || Custom-made felt fannish dolls
sorcererhuntres || Custom Ace Attorney stickers
apieceofcake || Hand-made Supernatural cards & notepad
anteka || Plastic!Winchester Theater Episode
kajmere || 1 Fanart photo I created to have signed by Jared Padalecki, w/ actual sig
abyssinia4077 || One "episode" of Stargate Action Figure Theater
centerspire || Framed, stitched on 14 count aida Star Trek
between_names/club_vertigo || Karl Urban scrapbook Calendar
lizardbeth_j || A "story" illustrated in action figures
unhappyending || Hand-painted Harry Potter Gryffindor banner
unhappyending || Hand-painted Harry Potter Slytherin banner
undrockroll || Customized Tokio Hotel hoodie

Play It
lipstickcat || Customized My Little Pony
tears_of_nienna || Cuddly Cthulhus
bellatemple || Hand stitched sock creature
afterthree || A one-off handmade and hand-stitched felt plush
cesario || Matched set of felt dolls
knitmeapony || Finger puppets
planetstruck || A plush toy/decoration
gwathhenation || Up to 3 modular origami pieces / One sim recolour
nonvenomous || Handmade, multicolor-swirl minicrayons
dreamflower02 || A polymer clay "plot bunny"
ishte || Knitted octopus
bookofsorrow || Cuddle kids

Use It
feanna || Custom made pan holders
888mph || A binder with 20 traditional portuguese desert recipes
darkcuriosity || A custom made cookbook featuring Southern American Style Cooking
mymorphine || A handmade, brief guide to the city of Vancouver
emylina || Original City Guides: Stockholm, London, Berlin
sweetnovicane || Atlanta-themed scrapbook
_la_mysterieuse || 10 Hand made cards
kohee || Handmade greeting cards
blankspectrum || Handmade notecards
cellophane_ria || Hand-drawn postcards
puella_nerdii || A hand-decorated collage cover blank Moleskine notebook
catatonic_cats || Hand-bound sketchbook/journal
starlingthefool || Handbound journals
bibliotropic || Hand-made Treasure Tin
dizzydame || Decoupaged boxes
pocky_slash || Custom cookie jar/storage jar
sulien || Homemade shea butter lotion bars
hiddengrace || Handmade non-denominational prayer beads
miss_bowtruckle || Handmade custom crib quilt
heleentje || Hand-embroidered baby bib "Lucas"
sailorcoruscant || Custom cross-stitched bookmark
avendya || Tie dye item of your choice
sabrebabe || Skein of handspun yarn (1st offering)
sabrebabe || Skein of handspun yarn (2nd offering)
rihani || 1 skein of hand-dyed sock yarn
paragraphs || Homemade dog biscuits
fiddledragon || Handspun yarn

Want It
shaxophile || Anything handmade...
sarka || Something made from Icelandic wool
zortified || One wallhanging sized quilt
lirren || Small lap quilt
drvsilla || Handmade cards, 4 total, made and sent to you
_erin_go_bragh || A French Memo Board
sisterite || Paper origami stars in a jar
weallfallout || Handmade custom jar of lucky paper stars
onigaminanashi || Hand-folded paper cranes
maichan || 800 miniature origami cranes
oulangi || Charcoal rubbing of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
woodburner || Custom-made incense
frankdbunny99 || Knitted legwarmers | Crocheted totebag | Macrame keychain
sundancekid || Handmade wooden key rack

Wear It
kimonkey7 || A custom-designed, hand sewn wintery fleece pseudo-sherpa hat
schweinsty || Custom-design, hand-embroidered bandannas
sorcererhuntres || Custom-made Pokemon scarf
sorcererhuntres || Custom-made Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann scarf
samisaurus || A hand silkscreened shirt
insecurelobster || Custom-designed stenciled t-shirt
bunnymcfoo || Sweatshirt/hoodie with your choice of custom-done stenciling on it
clarice || Custom-made skirt
ninja_orange || Hand-made under-bust corset/waist cincher
kleenexcow || A wallet made of either colored duct tape or clear packing tape


gigglemonster || One vid-let
fairykingaub || Fanvid
misssimm || Fanvid
obsessive24 || Fanvid
e_transitions || Fanvid
evewithanapple || Fanvid
jackiekjono || Fanvid
lithiumdoll || Fanvid
theanonsisters || Fanvid
dark_puck || Fanvid
janetmaca || Fanvid
kurosatou || Fanvids
rose_papillon || Custom fanvid
twisting_fate9 || Custom fan vid
alley_skywalker || Movie-based fanvid
biebers || Movie-based fanvids
intrepidy || Glee or Supernatural Fanvid


shay_renoylds || Tarot reading
miscellanny || Tarot reading
rfachir || Tarot reading
woman_of_ || Tarot readings
mizanchan || Tarot readings
batshua || Tarot readings
bluerosefairy || Tarot readings
dr_luka_kovac || Tarot readings
youraugustine || Tarot readings
bookshop || Tarot+Numerology reading
glendaglamazon || Detailed astrological reading
thecountess35 || In depth astrological chart reading
ladyofshadow || Animal Totem readings - flat fee for multiple bidders

Note: There are also fanvids & assorted handicraft items listed in the ARTISTRY OFFERINGS post.

Food Offerings
Audio Offerings
Artistry Offerings
Graphic Offerings

--We've had a few requests for an index of all Offered fandoms, but since there are thousands of posts, we're not sure we'd be able to catch up. However, it's relatively painless to search each page for the fandoms you're seeking. On each page, use your browser's search function to find all mentions of a word like "Potter", a fandom abbreviation like "DW" or "ST" or a character name like "Holmes" or "Snape". Yes, you have to go page by page, but you can scan all the offers this way. heidi8 found the word "chocolate" on all the food offers this way. Thanks!--
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