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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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What should we do?
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
This Journal was created in the morning of January 13, 2010, as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010.

To help figure out what's best to do, I've made a poll (see below). Whatever gets the most votes may not be the final decision - things may be averaged or blended - but it's good food for thought. Comments and questions about any of this please, as I've never set up one of these before - and help from someone who has would be much appreciated.
This poll is closed.

When should the auction start?

People should be able to start posting Offers now, and bidding should start on Friday
People should be able to start posting Offers now, and bidding should start on Saturday
People should be able to start posting Offers now, and bidding should start on Sunday
People should be able to start posting Offers now, and bidding should start sometime after Monday; I will explain in the comments
I don't have a preference

The comm should remain open for offerings until....

Six hours before the auction closes
I don't have a preference

The auctions should close, so winners can start making donations, on

January 18 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Observed) in the US)
January 19
January 20
January 21
January 22
January 23
I don't have a preference
Sometime later; I will explain in the comments

I will

Donate fanfic/art/vid/graphics
Donate something tangible, like food, perfume or jewelry
Donate something else, like a tarot card reading
Donate original fic/art/graphics
Donate something else which I will explain in the comments so there can be a tag for it in advance
Pimp the auction
Cheer on people who donate, bid and/or pimp
Something else I will explain in the comments

Should donations to various aid groups and agencies count?

Yes, a set list including things like OXFAM, Red Cross, Wyclef Jean's organization, etc.
Yes, and the winning bidder should be able to choose the group/org of his/her choice
I have no preference
Something else which I will explain in the comments
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I think having a set list is a better idea because this group can verify that the charities listed are not just legit, but the money will actually go to help the people who need it the most and won't get backlogged.

I REALLY like the idea of the bidders making the donations directly to the charity, though (as opposed to collecting the money and trying to donate one lump sum). That's good thinking. Would the bidders then have to show proof of donation in order to receive their won item?

Yes, the way that Sweet Charity's done it where you need to show an email confirming your donation - although a screenshot might work in some circumstances, too.

I feel like I need to say that I most like the idea of having a set list, but if a bidder wants to donate to something not on the list that can be verified as legit, I think they should be able to.

I'm an author, and I'd be happy to donate books of mine, signed (and personalized, if the winning bidder so desires).

Edited at 2010-01-13 03:59 pm (UTC)

This is an amazing idea! I'm so glad someone is doing this. I'll help in anyway I can! :-)

I'd like to offer to record someone's story as a podfic? That's about the only fannish type of thing I can do right now. Would that be okay?

Definitely. I'm making an Offerings post for just audio-related things (podficcing, fanmixes, original songs). Look for it in the next quarter hour.

Could I offer a completed (rather than a request) illustration?

Definitely! The art offerings post just went up here (although I may still tweak it a bit).

I think this is a wonderful idea, and thank you for starting this. I will help in anyway I can. I don't have the financial means to donate right now, but will be more than willing to write fic, help advertise, etc.

Thank you!

I've just started making the Offerings post, so the writing one should be up within the quarter hour.

I'd be willing to offer up a custom tattoo design, small business logo, or similar as an alternative to fic/art, depending on what the winner wanted.

Cool! The art offerings post just went up here - do you think that covers your offering?

Not entirely fandom-related (because I'm not the best at writing and even worse with graphic things)...but I'm willing to offer a Wisconsin-themed grab box if people would be interested.

Cool. I'll make a "miscellaneous" offerings post.

I'd love to donate an in-depth critique of either (a) original fic or (b) fanfic in a fandom with which I'm familiar, up to a limited wordcount.

Excellent. That'll be an option in the "words offered" section, so look for that going up in the next quarter hour.

Maybe we could do this in waves? Do an auction now. And another in a month or so? They are going to need aid for a looooong time. If that is a crazy idea--just ignore me.

I'll donate fanart commissions (I have no ideas on my own). :) I like imaginarycircus's idea of waves of donations – the first auction might raise awareness and subsequent auctions may be more lucrative as a result. It's not like they're going to stop needing money ...

Fantastic. The art offerings post just went up here - does the template work for you?

(Deleted comment)
I think we may end up having this round close next Wednesday, alas, but do you want to do a quick round of drabbles for $5 or $10 donations? I hadn't planned to do a post for those, but I easily could add it - instead of a standard bidding auction, it could be a Dutch auction style thing, where you'd offer X for donations of Y dollars/pounds/Euros to Z list of entities (or their version in the donor's country).

If I set it up so the first 3/5/7/10/etc to reply to your comment got to donate, and you'd write something short for them when they confirmed the donation, would that work?

Safe travels to you, btw!

I don't know if I'll be able to offer fic, but I would offer beta-reading (fic or original, in depth, to a certain wordcount- like thunderemerald said)

Excellent. The "offering words" post will be up shortly.

Could you enable openid commenting, please? I have another LJ screenname that I just leave signed in, and I've officially stopped using this one unless I have to- I'd really like to be able to comment here with my Dreamwidth OpenID. (quinfirefrorefiddle) My previous work (that I like) is on a href="http://archiveofourown.org/users/QuinFirefrorefiddle/works">AO3</a>.

I have already donated fifty dollars through LWR. But I will donate a one-thousand word fic to this auction. I've never done this before, so I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I'd be happy to write in any one of the following fandoms, to be chosen by my winning bidder: Newsies, SGA, Harry Potter, the new Doctor Who (Ninth or Tenth Doctors), or The Departed.

So wonderful of you to donate already, thank you.

I think I just set up OpenID commenting, although I did put on CAPTCHA for anons. Can you test it and let me know if it works for you?