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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Fanfic Request Masterlist
ST | Canadian Borg
eponymous_rose wrote in help_haiti
Was going to prepare this for my own LJ, but heidi8 suggested I post here as well. ♥

Yes, this is going to be a complete masterlist of all the offerings in the "OFFERING WORDS" posts here and here and here. As this is a gargantuan undertaking, it might take me a while to catch up, but I'll do my best!

Please let me know, with a link to your comment and the page it was on, if I've made a mistake or omission, and I'll be happy to fix it up as quickly as possible!

From the first post of "OFFERING WORDS" (contact eponymous_rose with concerns):
Thanks to rexluscus for the help compiling these links!

***Currently up-to-date!***
First Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms A-D
First Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms E-J
First Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms K-N
First Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms O-St
First Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms Su-Z

From the second post of "OFFERING WORDS" (contact the amazing thebiggest_lie with concerns):
Thanks to amilyn, kindkit, thefrogg, vociferocity, nowadventuring, happy_harper13, djinnj and shinyjenni for the help compiling these links!

***Currently up-to-date!***
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms A-B
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms C-D
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms E-G
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms H-K
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms L-O
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms P-SH
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms SN-SW
Second Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms T-Z

From the third post of "OFFERING WORDS" (contact the stupendous curuchamion with concerns) - thanks to tigerstriped86 for helping out:

***Currently up-to-date through the end of page 13 - updating as we speak.***
Third Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms A-E
Third Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms F-M
Third Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms N-St
Fourth Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms Su-Z

The superlative tresa_cho has created The Masterlist of Original Fiction Auctions! ♥
Also, The Masterlist of Beta Offers.
And now, The Masterlist of Miscellaneous Word Offers.

Published novels auctioned off: (thanks to falconer007 for linking these!)
3 signed copies of Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen
1 signed copy of Dominic: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber
1 signed copy of either Every Good Thing or Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin
3 signed copies of publications by Less Than Three Press
one signed copy of Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells
one signed copy of Emerald House Rising by Peg Kerr
one signed copy of The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr

Additional notes as I think of them:

- I'm not familiar with bandom or most RPF fandoms, so my most egregious errors may be there. Let me know!
- Be sure to double-check the offer before bidding! There might be additional details (i.e. slash only, no PWP, will only write said fandom as a crossover), and besides, I'm not infallible. ;)
- I've had a few offers of help - thank you! At the moment, I'm not in any difficulty, and the biggest time-waster is actually having to scroll to place the links, which would be a problem even if we were blending two or more collections of links. But I will keep the offers in mind. :)
- Actually, this goes about ten times faster if your fandoms are in alphabetical order, so that's one way to help out if you're posting more offers.
- Non-fannish posts/beta posts/hardcopy book auctions aren't being included in this post - I'm hoping to go through and make a second one so they don't get lost in the ocean of fanfic auctions.

ETA: Thanks to help from thebiggest_lie (and now amilyn!), updates will be happening on both posts simultaneously - check out the links above!

ETA 2: Thanks to help from curuchamion, the third post is being indexed even as it grows.

ETA 3: Nearly there! If anyone is available to help out by compiling a few pages of comments here and there, send me a PM!

OMG you are my hero...

Thank you so much- I wasn't going to bid because I seriously have zero time to browse through 2000+ comments for fandoms I like but this is epic and it'll make things so much easier.

Oh, my god, I have so much respect for you undertaking such an enormous task.

Really wish I could bid, there's so many great offers! Fantastic way of organising it, by the way :)

I was about to say you hadn't got me on there until I read that you were still doing it, lol xD

Wow, what a huge undertaking. Thank you.

Thank you so much for doing this :).

HATS OFF, HELLO! I was so not looking forward to tackling the words auctions, and so you have my thanks and admiration AND mildly-thankful-relief. ;D


<3! I was so excited when I logged on today and found your index posts! It seems much more manageable now that it's just the one Everest to scale. ;)

You are made of awesome <3, just so you know. Now I can keep track of things that interest me by people who aren't on my flist already!

Oh, man! <3 So helpful, and you are one brave person to begin such an undertaking. :D

(FYI, lamardeuse has got a list with all things Merlin going, which might be useful, and heleenjte has one for Yu-Gi-oh. :o)

Edited at 2010-01-15 01:05 am (UTC)

*oodles of squee*

You are amazing! (Also insane. But amazing.)

(You're so going to need a TARDIS to catch up... and then Sapphire and Steel to fix the mess caused by paradoxically linking offers before they were made... and then--is my geekiness showing? *g*)

Not to add even more work to your already daunting task (and may I say I'm impressed as hell that you've taken this on), but are you going to be including any sort of category for books, original fiction and other non-fandom-related items from the Offering Words category?

I don't really have any interest in fan fiction (yes, I know - heresy to say that here!), but I've heard that some professional authors are auctioning off books, other people are offering editing/bookbinding services and that sort of thing, and I'm afraid it might be very hard to find those offers buried in under all the fan fiction stuff.

I knew there was something I forgot to mention in the original post! I haven't been linking non-fannish posts thus far (if only because the whole thing seemed even more incredibly daunting when I started), but I am hoping to go back and do a separate post for non-fannish auctions once I'm done this one, for exactly the reasons you mentioned - don't want those amazing posts getting totally buried in the wave of fandom. I'll edit the post to reflect that fact. Thanks for reminding me!

Holy underwear, Batman! You are fantastic.

(Deleted comment)
Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a particularly good solution for that (there are also a lot of "oh, you guys know what I write!" posts, and there just isn't time to visit every masterlist and come up with likely fandoms). Right now, I'm operating so that people who offer a lot of unspecified fandoms can send me a message/leave me a comment and I'll put their names under the fandoms they request. Not ideal, but it's workable for now! ;)

Just FYI - you seen the latest news -
http://news.livejournal.com/121194.html mentions this comm? Kudos to you! Here is icon full of cutiePie face and roses. Best of luck to you all!