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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Mid-Day Update
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
Many thanks to southern_heaven and exoticrooftile for calculating the totals to date in the Lightning Round - as of about three hours ago, about $2500 had already been donated, which is amazing. Thanks to everyone participating!

ETA At just after midnight on January 16, we crossed the three thousand dollar mark! Amazing work!

Also, you can now find us on Twitter at Help_Haiti_LJ, so please follow us and RT when you think we're interesting or useful.

We are still open for new Offerings and, of course, for bids! And the list of charities towards the bottom of the page is still growing, but it makes sense to check out groups with a monitoring agency or group, like GuideStar in the US.

Thanks again, all! You're all awesome!

Two things I wanted to clear up since there's been some confusion:

1. You can offer more than one thing at a time. You can offer things in the Lightning Round and in one or more of the Offering Posts.
2. You can bid on more than one thing at a time, too. The only limit on your bidding is your own pocketbook.

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YAY! $2500 for the lightening round is amazing!!!

(Deleted comment)
This is fandom at it's best, and I love it.

Me too!

lol! I couldn't have said it better. :D

Question: "in one of the Offering Posts" -- meaning one can't, say, offer a piece of writing as well as a piece of fanart? Or would that be legitimate as long as the person has time to follow through on it?

Clarified, thank you! One can definitely offer multiple things, as long as one can follow through on them. Well spotted.

According to my calculations, the Lightning Round broke $3000.00 USD sometime just before 12 a.m. EST.

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