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Translation Help & A Reminder About Bidding

Questions about the auction process have come in from people who speak English as a second or third language - and it would be terrific to have the FAQ available to them in their own language.

If you are able to translate the FAQ in the righthand column (as well as the User Info page) into any additional languages, that would be terrific. Just put the translation itself in a comment to this post, with the language in the subject, and we'll organize a Master List of them overnight.

Whatever we can collectively do would be terrific. And if translations are added later I can update the Master List, too.

Also, remember that to bid, you need to reply to the Offering itself, or your bid will end up lost. Double-check your bids to make sure you didn't inadvertently reply to the main post instead of to an actual offer.

The FAQ Translated:
Standard Auction in German
Lightning Round in German

FAQ in French

Standard Round in Dutch
Lightning Round in Dutch

FAQ in Polish

FAQ in Japanese

Info and FAQ in Russian

FAQ in Spanish

FAQ in Welsh

FAQ in Filipino (Tagalog)

FAQ in Italian

FAQ in Catalan

FAQ in Hungarian

FAQ in Portuguese

Lightning Round in Portuguese

FAQ in Greek

Lightning Round in Greek

FAQ in Norwegian

In Mandarin Chinese

In Indonesian
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