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Saturday Morning Update

I said in a comment to someone yesterday that if we were at 3000 comments in the second Offering Words thread by the time I woke up in the morning, I'd make a third thread.

We're at 2994. Close enough, right? So here is Offering Words Thread Number Three. Wow.

While I'm doing an update, please Follow us on Twitter and check out the items that have been tagged on del.icio.us. And scroll down the comm's main page for links to translations of the FAQ into languages as diverse as Welsh, Catalan, Tagalog, Spanish, French and Italian; a team is working on Chinese. We're still looking for other translations, so if you can translate, please let us know.

We are working on a process for notifying winners and confirming donations - expect an announcement of an email address to which you'll be able to send your confirmations.

One thing we definitely want to do is allow people to send in conformations of donations while redacting or masking their full name/address/phone number, as that's often part of the confirmation email. If anyone is able to do a tutorial - with pictures - on how to use the Paint program that comes with Windows, or how to use the standard Apple program, to cover one's name with black or use the smudging tool, that would be terrific. We intend to ask people to have either their entire first name or the first letter of their first and last name visible, as well as their state/province/country, but the rest can be masked. It doesn't have to, of course, but it can be.

Again, I'm closing this post to comments, so we can keep all the questions here.
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