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If you don't want to wait to donate, you can help now

Scroll down for the list of charities that need your help.

ETA at 10:30 PM EST on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

With regard to winning bids in the auctions (other than the Lightning Round and Request Thread) the Community's Mods can confirm Donations, as explained here, to any national or local Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Magen David, OXFAM, UNICEF and/or Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, as well as Yéle Haiti, or by purchasing the Help Haiti virtual gift sold by LiveJournal, or made at Starbucks in North America (Starbucks takes cash for donations, and no purchase is necessary).

Donations to the other entities/agencies/charities/organizations listed in this post are also Confirmable by the Comm Mods or the Offeror of your Winning Bid.

Any entities/agencies/charities/organizations requested by the Offeror whose item(s) for which you are the Winning Bidder will be Confirmable by the Offeror, even if said entities/charities/organizations are not listed on this list. In other words, if the Offeror has asked for donations to a specific charity, the Winning Bidder can donate to that charity, or to any of the Listed entities/agencies/charities/organizations.

There are lots of terrific charities out there, but we haven't had time to research every one mentioned in the comments to this post. Check with the Offeror if you want to donate to, or have already donated to, an organization not listed in this post - we're sure everyone will be able to work together in support of rebuilding Haiti and helping those whose homes and lives have been so terribly damaged by this disaster.

Please research any entities/agencies/charities/organizations that you are considering donating to. If you are in the US, Charity Navigator has a lot of info about how to avoid being scammed, the safety of text donations (yes, it can be very safe!), and the rankings for various US charities.

The State Department has set up a cellphone donation link: Text "HAITI" to 90999 and you will be charged for a $10 donation to relief efforts. (Hat tip to Rachel Maddow and the White House twitterfeed)

Our UNICEF Page || The Canadian UNICEF page


Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Partners In Health (hat tip to Lizz Winstead, and read more about them at setissma's livejournal).

Portlight Strategies, who have announced plans to help "people with disabilities in Haiti...providing medical equipment, shelter, and food for them..."

Red Cross (International Site)

Red Cross/Red Crescent

Disasters Emergency Committee; if you are a UK resident please select the Gift Aid option to increase your donation without spending more out of pocket.

OXFAM America


MercyCorps - you can donate via PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments

American Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

The Clinton Foundation

Canadian International Development Agency (Canadian donors will have donations to certain agencies matched by the government as explained at the link.)

Heifer International

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