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Simple Text Hyperlink List: ARTISTRY ITEMS 2

Feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate all the awesome pages of goodies as help_haiti? Have a list instead! ♥
→ I was working on these for my own LJ, then heidi8 hooked me up to put them here as well.
→ Be sure to REFRESH. I'm updating as I can.
→ Many apologies for any misspellings, mistakes or broken links; I've been doing tons of coding with these, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few. Please just let me know in the comments, with any deets, & if needed linking directly to the item in question [error]. Special thanks to memphis86 for helping me stay on top of this particular auction.

The ARTISTRY OFFERINGS post got too big to add anything more! Now it is a split post, with 2D & SOFTCOPY in one post, and other goodies & goodness here. <3

Artistry Offerings 1


ellid || Knitted novelty scarf
paxieamor || Doctor Who - crocheted Dalek Sec
eireinn || Knitted fandom commissions
tapestrymip || Harry Potter - Polymer clay mini-figure
keraha || Sculpey maquette sculpture
bladespark || Custom bead sprite
stinaleigh || Wristers


ellie_kat89 || Three pairs of earrings made specifically for the winning bidder
kirathune || "Broken China" earrings
camajo || Pair of peacock coin pearl earrings
aymaera || Custom earrings
djnevermore || Earrings from artists' Etsy shop

The Amulet Charlie...
unovis || A choker necklace
beetiger || Frozen Honeybee Necklace
katerina_black || Steampunk key pendant
aymaera || Custom necklace
jeniac3000 || Custom portrait necklace
nightshadow405 || Kingdom Hearts rosary
lillian13 || 3 Orthoceras fossil pendants
yourlibrarian || Chokers and necklaces
nebakanezer || 2 sterling silver Twig initial necklaces

murinae || Steampunk or nature bracelets
kirathaune || "Broken China" bracelet
flygons || Axis Powers Hetalia bracelets
ragdoll || Harry Potter - Beaded bracelets in Hogwarts house colors

Sparkle Sets
missbadexample || Handmade necklace and bracelet
vilakins || Necklace and matching earrings
aspenlight || Jasper necklace and matching earrings
caz251 || Necklace and bracelet set

Sparkle Randomly
nickygabriel || Custom jewelry commissions
anya_elizabeth || Handmade jewelry
colormonochrome || Handmade origami jewelry
stunt_muppet || Strung bead jewelry
mass_hipgnosis || Beaded jewelry
celtprincess13 || Beaded jewelry
deathwatchlove || Chain-mail jewelry
foui_the_brave || Dr. Who - TARDIS earrings
smilies__rule || "Chibi"/small people charms
thieving_gypsy || Custom-made beaded and/or knit tiara
snickeraddict || Custom magnetic hair ornament
zinaya || Custom hair adornment
kookaburra1701 || Custom gemstone jewelry - Transformers


taeowyn || Custom-stenciled t-shirt
apollinav || Mischief Managed cloak
lady_roisin || A version of Arwen's blue and red gown from LOTR: ROTK

★ THIS STUFF IS YARNISH || From the Desk of Madame Defarge

eireinn || Knitted fandom commissions
brewster13 || Cross stritched fandom quote commissions
writerlibrarian || Doctor Who Rose wristwarmers
writerlibrarian || Merlin - A pair of Morgana's fingerless gloves as seen in season 1. Color customizable by winning bidder
sarahthegeek || Firefly - hand-knit Jayne Cobb hat
karma_aster || A hand-knitted copy of the infamous "Jayne hat" from Firefly.
paxieamor || Doctor Who - crocheted Dalek Sec
alovelycupoftea || Harry Potter - Hand-stitched Snitch cushions
mi3ko || Crocheted amigurumi piece
aztec || 1 crocheted scarf done in Harry Potter House colours
eilonwy || One crocheted (amigurmi style) character
karma_aster || A set of four hand-knitted Hogwarts book-scarves in house colors.
wook77 || Cross stitched Star Trek characters (1 of 5)
wook77 || Cross stitched Star Trek characters (2 of 5)
wook77 || Cross stitched Star Trek characters (3 of 5)
wook77 || Cross stitched Star Trek characters (4 of 5)
wook77 || Cross stitched Star Trek characters (5 of 5)
helena_eternal || Supernatural altered book

threerings || Hand-knit black, white and grey hat

vilakins || Handmade scarf, colors and some details customizable by winning bidder
ellid || Knitted novelty scarf

Random & Nifty
scribbulus_ink || A hand-knitted piece
tobemeagain || Cross stitched peacock design
threerings || Hand-knit ice cream pint cozy
hp5freak || Custom crocheted blanket
graylor || Embroidered cloth bag
stinaleigh || Wristers
vilakins || Deep pink pure wool self-striped ninja mitts


anjak_j || 10 x 8 Photograph - MLB/Yankees/Alex RodrÌguez
roads_outgrown || Five 4x6 or 2 8x10 photo prints
nyaubaby || General Photographs
tiffiny || Five 4x6 or 2 8x10 photo prints
nyaubaby || Three (3) 10x8 prints from SPN 09 Asylum Con
dammitliv || Photo prints
dunkler_ort || Death Note - 10 cosplay photos
maferi_nah || Original photography prints
togabitoion || Cosplay photoshoot for Dalls, TX area or Baltimore, MD during Otakon
togabitoion || Photography prints
crumpetsfortea || Series of 5 photographic prints
maruchina || Photographic print


thealisonbailey || One custom felt plush
joasakura || Shatterstar (Marvel Comics) plush doll, costume and hair customizable by winning bidder
sobloodycute || Custom-made felt pal, any fandom
twistedsheets10 || 2 handmade 5" plushies
elanorofcastile || 1 - 2 hand-crocheted and stuffed dolls
maiea || Plushie commission
gallifreygal || Chibi plushie commission
socchan || Amigurumi-style plush toys
hawkwolf || Knitted teddy bear
muscadinegirl || Baby Knithulhu


bluelittlepig || Fanart maquette sculpture
nataliadarimini || Polymer Clay Fandom Figures
milliecass || 3 Clay Fandom Figures
xianghua || Custom needlefelted sculpture
bestbreakfast || Tiny cartoon animal sculptures
dunsparce || Sculpey figure
tapestrymip || Harry Potter - Polymer clay mini-figure
keraha || Sculpey maquette sculpture
mouthofbrass || Customized My Little Pony
customstarlight || Customized My Little Pony
speedtracer || Custom felt hand puppets
_lady_vanilla_ || Custom knitted finger puppet
zauza || Harry Potter - Snape doll


tripperfunster || Specific Snarry Fanart Piece
ladyelleth || Tolkien Photomanip Printouts
tripperfunster || Fanart Grab Bag
reallycorking || HP Fanart piece (1 of 2)
reallycorking || HP Fanart piece (2 of 2)
goblin_dae || Fanart prints
ramoniciu || Supernatural fanart poster w/ Jared Padalecki sig
juvenine || Merlin fanart piece
soloproject || Assorted fanart items including Christmas cards, pin-ups, sketches, etc.
soloproject || Assorted fanart items including postcards, prints, sketches, etc.
pikagalmish || Assorted bundle of professionally-printed fanart for the top two bidders
melisus || 4 sketch cards of Yellow Submarine-era Beatles done in ink and marker
jwaneeta || Comic-book art originals and fanart pieces
jisuk || Any signed print from artists' deviantart store
sigune || Harry Potter - Original watercolor painting of Snape
tripperfunster || Star Trek - Kirk/Bones slash art
ameru || A set of Axis Powers Hetalia prints
leochi || 4 pieces of hand drawn Harry Potter fanart, 3 Harry/Draco and a portrait of Lily
luci0logy || Fanart pieces by celetialsoda and lillithium
mangotrills || Prints of images from The Little Vulcan (Star Trek/Le Petit Prince crossover) (1 of 2)
mangotrills || Prints of images from The Little Vulcan (Star Trek/Le Petit Prince crossover) (2 of 2)
scribblecat || Original charcoal drawing of Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)
enednoviel || Original pencil drawing of Ray Doyle (The Professionals)
adifferentdrum || Lost - Original slash doujinshi & original slash character print
renisanz || Big Bang Theory fanart piece


mllesays || 2 original paintings
mymorphine || Original work print
inxsomniax || Original digital artwork print
locknkey || Original framed art
taeowyn || Stenciled wall art
gallo_de_pelea || Original M/M (slash) fancomic
juniperus || Raku (Japanese pottery)
nightshadow_t2 || ONE dragon sculpture that will fit in a 4x4x4 inch area


tapestrymip || Harry Potter - Baby Norbert bookmark
tapestrymip || Harry Potter - Set of 10 petite potions bottles

shadowwolf13 || Handmade dreamcatchers
eccentricweft || 2 handbound journals (auctioning separately)
lady_castor || Pencil monsters
bladespark || Custom bead sprite

junebugged || Cat toys
marathoner452 || Coasters made from Mardi Gras beads
cecelle || Set of 10 notecards (5x7)
heleentje || 3D greeting cards
twoapennything || Shadow Shoeboxes
twoapennything || Shadow Shoeboxes
rroselavy || Trinket box
poisondusk || Squiby adoptable

inner_v0ice || Digital coloring for B&W manga

Note: There are also fanvids & assorted handicraft items listed in the MISC OFFERINGS post.

Food Offerings
Audio Offerings
Misc / Something Interesting Offerings
Graphic Offerings

--We've had a few requests for an index of all Offered fandoms, but since there are thousands of posts, we're not sure we'd be able to catch up. However, it's relatively painless to search each page for the fandoms you're seeking. On each page, use your browser's search function to find all mentions of a word like "Potter", a fandom abbreviation like "DW" or "ST" or a character name like "Holmes" or "Snape". Yes, you have to go page by page, but you can scan all the offers this way. heidi8 found the word "chocolate" on all the food offers this way. Thanks!--
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