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Simple Text Hyperlink List: MISC ITEMS 2

Feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate all the awesome pages of goodies as help_haiti? Have a list instead! ♥
→ I was working on these for my own LJ, then heidi8 hooked me up to put them here as well.
→ Be sure to REFRESH. I'm updating as I can.
→ Many apologies for any misspellings, mistakes or broken links; I've been doing tons of coding with these, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few. Please just let me know in the comments, with any deets, & if needed linking directly to the item in question [error]. Special thanks to glendaglamazon for helping me stay on top of this particular auction.

The MISC OFFERINGS post got too big to add anything more! Now it is a split post, with handmade & wearables and such in one post, and goodie boxes & potpourri here. <3

Misc Offerings 1

buhdderkupp || Wisconsin Grab Bag
ennifer_jay || One year of 100 extra userpics
drvsilla || Fabric for quilting/crafting
couldnthave || 7 inspirational quote prints
punkfunkdisco || London postcards for a year
jennetj || Tech support services
seiberwing || Transformers toys


From A Where
elvishly || A British Grab Package
krazykipper || British Care Package
darkcuriosity || Atlanta/Georgia Care Package
svmadelyn || Chicago box of awesomeness
seventeen76 || NYC Box
sprat || A Box of Canadian Wonders
wishingiwaslost || A box of small goods from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA
glendaglamazon || Hollywood/LA Box o' Goodies
swagneto || A box of objects, nick-knacks and random shit from Australia
jerakeen || A box full of stuff from Istanbul
______tequila__ || California Gift Box
scatterheart || Surprise box idea and offering one filled with goodies from Berlin/Germany
lolafalola || An Austin, Texas Grab box
madhatterpan || New York's Chinatown box of goodies
jo_mako || Box Of San Francisco Goodies
linzibean || A box of Welsh goodies
poppy_sleep || Boston in a Box
sea_shtick || A box of things from La Rioja
novembersmith || Charleston, SC Box
oloriel || Goodie box from Cologne, Germany
scheherezhad || A goodie box from Conway, Arkansas
emylina || Sweden in a box
shirasade || Switzerland in a Box
sulien || Pacific Northwest in a box
eduh_i_read || Detroit In A Box
pimpmytardis || Santa Barbara CA In A Box
deaniebtvs || A box of Alabama goodies
sarka || Iceland in a box
kurosatou || Boxful of Boston
bossymarmalade || Caribbean, primarily Trinidad & Tobago, Box
queen_washu || Portsmouth UK Goody Box
mylenn || Box full of Canada
pixel_0 || U.P. Michigan/Bit of Canada box
kynical || Iowa in a box
fushiforever || Southern California box of awesome
melo_l || Paris in a box
_erin_go_bragh || Texas/Houston/Western/Cowboy box
claireyfairy1 || Box of England
elexandros || Pittsburgh sports box
nyyhoneybee || NYC box
cjblackwing || Box of awesome shiny objects
hihielmo || Maryland box
dizzydame || Mississippi goodie box
beth_soprano || Solvang, California, in a box
flosspyromaniac || Box of Cambridge (UK)
nonvenomous || Boxful of South Africa (shipped from US)
nonvenomous || Boxful of the USA
flipperland and uzis || Portugal in a box
bossymarmalade || Chromatic Vancouver box
buhdderkupp || Wisconsin Grab Bag
thecolourclear || Minnesota grab bag
tencrush || A care package from Holland
sabrina_il || Israeli care package
potterlet || Sydney care package
tania_sings || Japan care package
kawaiigami || Japan care package
tseecka || Hand-knit fingerless gloves | Canada care package
also_loled_irl || A packet of delicious products only offered in Canada
memories_child || Wales in a box
ciza || Melbourne, Australia, box
maichan || Hawaii in a box
raven_lore || Milan in a box
heidi8 || Key West, Florida, grab bag
hivesofactivity || London in a box
temaris || British care package
joyful_molly || Box o' Switzerland
bookchan || Box From Turkey
solar_type_star || Madrid-themed goodie box
augustfalcon || Holland in a box
strivaria || Box o' South Mississippi
blue_hobbit || Hawaii (LOST) goodie box
eirien_rhovan || New Zealand goodie bag
ekaterinn || Louisiana in a box
celli || South Dakota in a box
mr_spivens || San Francisco in a box
o_happyday_872 || Box of Australia
stepsolightly || Amish Country care package
→ elvendork@live.ca || Little box of Canada
evaieuh || Belgium in a box
ennifer_jay || Philadelphia in a box
weasleytook || Cheesy Las Vegas care package
dustyasymptotes || Toronto radical/activist box
turkfox || Souvenirs from London
black_eyedgirl || Oxford in a box
sekaigo || Washington State in a box | Seattle's Chinatown in a box
irnbruise || NYC goodie box
bloody_ || Box of Peru
maruchina || Netherlands goodie box
orbitaldiamonds || Box of Alaska goodies
noldoparma || Boxful of Asia
romeo46 || Texas box
joyful_molly || Box o' Switzerland
isolatedx || Queensland, Australia, in a box
chaosmyth || Venice care package
sapah_fu || Nashville, Tennessee, care package
floranna || Box from Finland
lily_pearl || London in a box
t_quibbler || Forks, WA/Twilight-related grab box
milkdrunk || Box from Ohio
fanxx00_o || Goodie box of Valencia, Spain, box
aprivatejournal || Seattle in a box

Stuff Included
strangecobwebs || Box for troops
gargantsurprise || Cadbury's Chocolate Bundle
hihielmo || Box of awesomeness
djinnj || Yarny Swap/Mystery box
amaresu || A mystery box of mysterious stuff
amaresu || A box of mixed books
takhallus || Comic-Con Swag Box
talulababy || Lord of the Rings surprise box
hihielmo || Box of recipes
thisfishflies || Box of Awesome & Shiny
jennetj || Box of Shakespeare
mrs_obsessive || German football box
winstonmom || Japanese sweets/foods box
elementarystars || Manchester United/Manchester City football-match experience box
kissingdaylight || Box of assorted plushies/stuffed animals/soft toys
balinesenoneko || Box of assorted DVDs/Books/Video games/etc.
mllesays || Muppet/puppet goodie box
gothicauthor || American drug-store makeup grab bag
brodeurbunny30 || Tim Hortons care package
milkdrunk || Package of self indulgence
vibrantharmony || Mystery box
oulangi || Hollywood Insider swag bag
zed_pm || Box of your fandom awesomeness
katekintail || Box of multifandom books
neadods || DC-themed Christmas box
unhappyending || Hello Kitty mystery box
gila_elegans || Box of assorted teas
winterweathered || Vampire Diaries swag bag
stepsolightly || Another box of random: Manga/incense/candles/books/collectibles
sapah_fu || Doggie or Kitty care package
rainy_fantasy || Manga grab bag



noldoparma || Mail from Middle-earth (LotR)
meinnim || Assorted fannish items | Bath & Body Works lotion
lady_wormtongue || Bizenghast & Full Metal Alchemist manga
neadods || Beauty & the Beast (TV series) original wardrobe
grey_bard || Ben Browder-read audiobook
flameraven || Japanese Bleach manga
lotus_seed || Bleach child-sized costume
subakai || Clamp's X Japanese manga
crypticdreams || Autographed Dragonlance book
vibrantharmony || Discworld novels
grlnamedlucifer || Doctor Who Scarf & BPAL
lycomingst || Vintage Dr. Who material
neadods || Doctor Who memorabilia
calapine || Sparkly Doctor Who Dalek toy
linzibean || Doctor Who - painted 10th Doctor Minature
sarah531 || Doctor Who magazines
rose_mina || English-language BL manga set & book
rose_mina || Final Fantasy VII action figures
rose_mina || Finder series sticker
rose_mina || Finder Series card set
unhappyending || Firefly/Serenity goodies
extraonions || Harry Potter Japanese Doujinshi
melissa_tlc || Signed "Harry: A History" book about Harry Potter and fandom
→ elvendork@live.ca || Harry Potter necklace
ellid || COMPLETE set of Kraith fanzines
sydvaughn || Korean Pop buttons/pins
knitmeapony || Autographed LotR art book
10_point_5 || LotR memorabilia
scissorphishe || Transliteration into Tengwar (LotR Elvish script)
paladins_pub || Middle Earth Role Playing 2nd Ed Collectors' Ed hardcover RPG book
shirebound1 || One of the rare Sideshow/Weta Lord of the Rings Film Frame Collectibles
blue_fire0013 || KAT-TUN clipping
kleenexcow || LOST S4 DVD set
whiskeynshinra || English-language manga
fairykingaub || Pokemon afghan
aoi_kaze || Prince of Tennis doujinshi & fan novel
whiskeynshinra || Rurouni Kenshin/Love Hina DVDs
gila_elegans || Neil Gaiman Sandman book
nam_jai || Star Trek: TOS Trivia Game
seariderfalcon || Star Trek: Voyager books
mojavedragonfly || Star Trek: TOS T-shirt
tgfkaa || Star Trek XI invite cards | DVDs
blowdry || DVDs of Star Trek I-VI films (Director's Cuts)
anruiukimi || Japanese Star Trek reboot promo items
variegation || Stargate Atlantis novels
triciabyrne1978 || SG-1/SGA card sets
10_point_5 || Star Wars-themed t-shirt
tamara_allen || Supernatural Season 2 DVDs
dagnirovanaliel || Supernatural S3 DVD sets
drvsilla || 2 Mini Impalas a' la Supernatural [dutch auction]
ramoniciu || Jared Padalecki-signed Superntural fan-art poster
apieceofcake || Original-design Supernatural t-shirt, mug, etc.
kijikun || Supernatural-style Hunter's Toolkit
geeklite || Supernatural magazines & comics
coco_waters || Supernatural magazines
triciabyrne1978 || Supernatural S3 complete card set
rexluscus || TORCHWOOD novels, audiobooks, mags
kel_reiley || Torchwood novel "Pack Animals"
luvinthe88and20 || Hardcover John Barrowman autobiography
nonvenomous || True Blood promo item bottle of TruBlood
nonvenomous || True Blood promo item bottle of TruBlood
astrogirl2 || X-Men Mini-Statue
amilynh || Justice League, Stargate: SG-1, ST: Voyager Figures
darthneko || Multi-fandom lot of Japanese-language doujinshi
mtgat || Misc Fannish Books and More
→ Lena Gabrielle of The Butterbeer Experience || HP/Wizard Rock CD pack
→ Miss Parkinson || HP/Wizard Rock CD packages
trialia || Signed Wicked hardback
dunsparce || Audio CDs: Yu-Gi-Oh, Tenhi Muyo, DDR, etc
lotus_seed || X/1999 women's costume
lotus_seed || Samurai Champloo small women's costume
lotus_seed || Samurai Champloo child-sized costume and here and here
fireholly || Mis-manufactured Marvel action figure
in_the_bottle || James Marsters-autographed picture
speedtracer || Assorted fannish things (Comics/Stargate Universe/manga/more)

eponymous_rose || Two lots of 500,000 Neopoints
merovingian || Kingdom of Loathing Items
roadmarks || One million meat on the Kingdom of Loathing MMORPG
______tequila__ || My World of Warcraft account
lumcheng || 10.000.000 (ten million) points on Aarinfantasy
cheriestar || Neopoints for the online game, Neopets
whatyoulove || Kingdom of Loathing game items
garamsythe || Rare/valuable Gaia Online game items
subakai || NDS games
subakai || PS2 games
mb_lucified || Half-million neopoints
→ elvendork@live.ca || Megavideo Premium account for 3 months
aoi_kaze || PS2 game
kitsuneasika || Unicreatures crowning
nyyhoneybee || Packrat tickets for Facebook
kryptocow || Two lots of 750,000 Neopoints for Neopets

nyyhoneybee || Kosher Recipe
liangzhu || Origami starter kit
knitmeapony || Masonic symbols cross-stitch pattern
knitmeapony || Vintage knitting, crochet, and craft patterns
drvsilla || Fabric for quilting/crafting
scarlet_carsons || Box of random beads
scarlet_carsons || Fabric oddments for quilting
gypsylady || High-end yarn assortment
visionshadows || Box of wool and/or yarn
annakas || Estonian knit-lace-making book (in Estonian)
ofenjen || Custom-designed, paper-pieced quilt pattern
caitn || Cross-stitch pins
strivaria || How-to cartooning books
synn || Crafter's mystery box

leesa_perrie || 10 postcards of various places in the UK
beingothrwrldly || 20 stamped notecards w/ envelopes
drvsilla || Assorted blank greeting cards
nyyhoneybee || NYC postcards
e_voked || Envelope of ten adcards from Singapore

Random & Nifty
ennifer_jay || One year of 100 extra userpics
dragojustine || $25 Nordstrom gift card - $15
couldnthave || 7 inspirational quote prints
nyyhoneybee || 1 Scentsy Plug In System
dawna || Mystery pack of BPAL and other perfume oils
shelightsupwell || Ten Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab items
tastycactuar || Two bottles of BPAL perfume
mumblemutter || BPAL perfume
hazelbranch || 100 BPAL imps
visionshadows || Scents/soaps/etc. assortment from BPAL/Arcana/etc.
reluctant_deb || 20 BPAL imps
skitz_phenom || BPAL & Assorted Smellies
iriedanym || Lot of 18 Limited Edition Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Imps (1/32 oz vials), 3 General Catalog imps, and 1 full bottle of Rangoon Riptide.
iriedanym || BPAL - various items
sanestlunatic || Nail polish assortment
quiet000001 || LUSH cosmetics info
flawed_karma || Tugzilla dog toy
amilynh || 1 Red Cross First Aid Kit (pillow version)
the_loyal_royal || Gucci purse
_ice_lady_ || Collection of Archetype Cosmetics mineral eye shadow samples
mrs_obsessive || Bayern Munich football jersey
elementarystars || Manchester United football jersey
llyfrgell || Signed Broadway Playbill - winner's choice
helle_d || Oxford University mortarboard
nangi_akki || Oregon State University T-shirts
seiberwing || Transformers toys
melisus || Canada-exclusive Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens
nangi_akki || Sri Lankan sarong | Batik elephant
wildaboutharry || "Marriage is so gay" t-shirt
mr_spivens || Brand-new, Nine West high-heeled shoes
stepsolightly || Big list of random things: Vid games/fannish books/manga items/comics
scribblecat || Selection of Nivea products
speedtracer || Assorted random fun things
marilla82 || Passes to Disney, beta services

diannelamerc || 25 Bookmooch points for 25 free books
crazy_in_lost || Barnes & Noble gift card
reppu || Signed Neil Gaiman book
sciuraamethysta || Tokyo Mew Mew manga
darthneko || Six original M/M slash Torquere Press novels
hypnobarb1 || Signed copy of ghost investigator's book
grey_bard || Comic-book collections
silenceberry || 1960s LOOK magazines
joyeuses || Book | DVD | Mini-calendar
tomatofruit || Hardcover-book Kindle case
irnbruise || Signed Broadway Playbill
miarr || Hebrew hardback religious books
miarr || Hebrew paperbacks
floranna || Paperback books


darlas_mom || Betareading for fanfic or original fiction
mereprototype || Beta-reading services
avendya || Vid beta services
dawn_felagund || Beta reading/character-building help

By Post
paraka || Fun mail for a year
framlingem || Newfoundland postcard & drabble
weallfallout || Texas/San Antonio/Louisiana postcard-a-month
mrs_obsessive || Germany/Spain postcard-a-month
seagullsong || Postcards from Alaska for a year
hihielmo || Postcards from around the USA for a year
elementarystars || UK postcards for a year
vibrantharmony || Fun mail for a year
anastasiademi || Postcards for a year from the UK
quiet000001 || Post/notecards for a year
punkfunkdisco || London postcards for a year
colormonochrome || Monthly postcards from Australia
milkdrunk || Year of mail
sibylle || Mail for a year from Germany
spookster831 || Ireland postcards for a year
pimpmytardis || Postcards/letters for a year
alex51324 || Fun mail for a year
seraphimkiss || Art mail for a year
papercolors || Inspirational/encouraging mail from Boston
niki_chidon || Year of Finland postcards
soleta_nf || Fun mail and Canada/US postcards for a year
noveix || Postcards for a year from France
ritergrl_xx || Fun mail/postcards from the UK + bonus Christmas box
swankyfunk || Postcards for a year from NYC (at least 2/mo)
momentarylapse8 || Fortnightly postcards from the UK + bonus gifts
betterthanirina || Mail/postcards for a year from Lithuania
fluffyllama || Different towns in UK postcard a month

Random & Nifty
nonvenomous || Handwriting analysis
kitrinathegreat || Statistical advising & analysis
dustthouart || Chinese-to-English translation
knitmeapony || One collection of curated internet links
myxginxblossoms || Naming assistance...
brodeurbunny30 || One custom made cross-stitch chart for your favorite fandom
cookiemom6067 || US income tax return preparation
celli || US Tax Return preparation
weyrlady || Japanese shopper services
pink_tofu || scanlations of JE doujinshies I have (scan + translate + edit)
sarcasticpixie || Resume/CV help
katatsumuli || Hungarian/English translation
moonlitpages || Symbolic adoption/sponsorship of rescued box turtle
hontowa || Japanese-to-English translation
sapah_fu || Japanese-to-English ameba blog translations
unnecessaryhat || Weight-management coaching

googlebrat || Assorted web and game-coding services
jennetj || Tech support services
shirasade || Hosting on you.domain.net
too_rational || PDF fic-conversion services
seraphoftales || AMV or even just plain music videos
amandidda || Custom photo-manipulation package (for RPG characters or other Web uses)
gemmi999 || To design/layout a resume/cover letter for you in InDesign
aithine || Web site creation/revamping
blueglaceon || Photo editing
diannelamerc || TV Torrents invite code and dl credits
blackspandex || Custom digital art
misslynx || Web hosting + blog/image gallery/CMS installation
purple_bug || Audio-transcription service

rhye || 1 hour of tutoring in mathematics and...
ennifer_jay || Spanish tutoring/editing
cjblackwing || AP United States History exam tutoring
bethcarielle || Microbiology tutoring
featherofeeling || French or ESOL tutoring
mr_spivens || Math/statistics tutoring
alex51324 || Professional Essay help
forest_rose || Advice for prospective medical students
frankdbunny99 || Chemistry help
eternal_elenea || SAT tutoring and college counseling
penelope_ziva || Basic Spanish, French, German, or Hebrew lessons
emeralddarkness || 12 art lessons

Food Offerings
Audio Offerings
Artistry Offerings
Graphic Offerings

--We've had a few requests for an index of all Offered fandoms, but since there are thousands of posts, we're not sure we'd be able to catch up. However, it's relatively painless to search each page for the fandoms you're seeking. On each page, use your browser's search function to find all mentions of a word like "Potter", a fandom abbreviation like "DW" or "ST" or a character name like "Holmes" or "Snape". Yes, you have to go page by page, but you can scan all the offers this way. heidi8 found the word "chocolate" on all the food offers this way. Thanks!--
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