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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Awesome fandom continues to be awesome
drvsilla wrote in help_haiti
Okay everyone, AMAZING and WOW news to share!

We already have donations at over $3500 from the Lightning Round, and we have $570 visibly donated via the UNICEF page. Which is so AMAZING by itself.

Here's where the WOW comes in. A very generous soul has stepped up and is going to MATCH THE FIRST $1500 CONTRIBUTED at the help-haiti's UNICEF page [clickity-click]! So that's $570 x 2 already, and will continue to double until we've hit $1500. Like I said, WOW.

They wish to remain anon, but please, give them a little k-kick and \o/ and gold star in thanks.


03:30PM EST → $700 [$1400 T]
03:45PM EST → $715 [$1430 T]
05:00PM EST → $730 [$1460 T]
06:00PM EST → $735 [$1470 T]
06:45PM EST → $745 [$1490 T]
08:00PM EST → $790 [$1580 T]
11:00PM EST → $850 [$1700 T]
11:30PM EST → $855 [$1710 T]
12:30AM EST → $865 [$1730 T]
02:30AM EST → $915 [$1830 T]
06:30AM EST → $920 [$1840 T]
06:40AM EST → $940 [$1880 T]
12:00PM EST → $950 [$1900 T]
12:30PM EST → $960 [$1920 T]
06:15PM EST → $1030 [$2060 T]
07:15PM EST → $1045 [$2090 T]
07:45PM EST → $1065 [$2130 T]
08:30PM EST → $1075 [$2150 T]
09:00PM EST → $1090 [$2180 T]
11:30PM EST → $1110 [$2220 T]
08:00AM EST → $1117 [$2234 T]
10:00AM EST → $1300 [$2600 T]
12:00PM EST → $1600 [$3100 T] ← GOAL! \o/
06:00PM EST → 4184!!!

*points at icon*


Anon, that's wonderful! Thank you so much!

Does anyone who's donated at the page know if there's a minimum donation amount? I've been doing a little thing for the $2.99 v-gifts, but I might switch to UNICEF if they'll accept a donation that low. Heck, I know people that could be induced to give $1 or $2 even if they can't afford more. Thanks!

The UNICEF website's donation page says this:

any amount you can give will help save lives.

But the system won't accept a donation of under five dollars - I tested it with a penny, fifty cents, a dollar, two dollars and five dollars, and it didn't accept it until I put in 5.00.

But the good thing is:
The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is absorbing all associated administrative costs so that 100% of every dollar you give to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will support UNICEF's relief efforts for children in Haiti.

So it's good for small things, but not quite as small as the LJ v-gifts.

Rock on, anonymous person. Rock on.

Anon, you are fabulous. I would like to give you a hug. *snuggles invisible person* x

Anonymous person, I knew you had it in you:)
Thanks a million

That's awesome! Thank you, anon! ♥

This is wonderful! Thank you, anon!

Wow! Whoever the anonymous awesome person is, you get a serious gold star, not to mention a few positive karma points, I expect. And you got me to use my cute puppydog icon! :D The labrador in said icon would totally send snuggles and tail wags and kisses, if those sorts of things could be sent. :)

Totally off topic, but I tried adding up the current highest bids in part of one post (thank you, text links!), and holy cow. I only got through the wearable art part of things, but I was at over $1500 when I stopped. I say again: Holy. Cow. <3!

Wow! Anony Mous, you are awesome!

oh, wow indeed!

thanks, anonymous donor! (even though i'm making my donation elsewhere...)

That is wonderful news!

Anon, you are generous and awesome!!!

What a generous, inspiring gesture! ♥

Huzzah, anonymous donor! =D

People donating at Mercy Corps may want to note, Western Union is also currently doubling any donations made through a specific link shown on the Mercy Corps homepage.

It looks like they've hit the $50,000 they were going to match, but it's still a useful link to use, as you can do in-person donations at Western Union offices.
Consumers in the U.S. can donate by sending a no fee money transfer directed to the Mercy Corps account, for up to $5,000 over the next 30 days by visiting a Western Union Agent location or online at www.westernunion.com.

It's something we will definitely add to the list of donation methods.

That is so kick-ass!! Way to go Fandom!!