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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Word Offerings Compilation Help Needed!
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eponymous_rose wrote in help_haiti
As you may have noticed, a few of us have been going through and indexing the three word offering posts - you can see the results thus far here, where it is much easier to search by fandom or author for that fic you're just dying to bid on. Unfortunately, we're falling behind, and since the end of the auction looms, we'd love to have some help compiling these lists!

All that's required is the ability to copy-paste into a Google Doc, and to stare at a screen for some time without going cross-eyed. ;) Drop me a PM and I'll set you up with a page of comments to work on, as well as the links to the Google Docs so that you can edit them. Let me know when you finish your page, and, if you're feeling adventurous, I'll assign you another. Simple as that!

Thank you so much, everyone. This is an amazing undertaking. ♥

Please note that general questions should be directed to the question post here!

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This is unrelated, but I have complied a list of fanartists who so far have not gotten any bids on their offers yet over at my journal. If you feel anyone can benefit from it, please feel free to link to it somewhere.
This list only include fanart offers, but no graphics or any other artistry items.

Thank you for all your hard work on these auctions!!

Hey! This is a fantastic list - a better place to mention it is probably over at this post, where they're compiling the artistry offers. :) Thanks for all the hard work!

Oh ok, thank you for the redirection! I wasn't quite sure. :)

Hi. I've built compilations of fandom offerings for GW and CSI off your work, so let me know what I can do in response. I have the time to spend staring at a screen cross-eyed. In any case all I'm doing is repeatedly pressing the refresh button to find out if someone, anyone has bid on my offering. Plaintive whining aside, I'm on kyaerie[at]yahoo.com. ~Ky.

I'll help! Just tell me what needs done. :)


do you still require assistance?

at lj carolinelamb
at ij countesszero

my email:

as it is 1am in tokyo i'll be going to bed now but i'll be up in eight or nine hours to do your bidding.

Hi! :o) Just a heads up that a whole bunch of misplaced comments have been screened in the past day. This resulted in some page shifts, i.e. offers that were for example on page 8 might now be on page 6 or 7. I don't know how you've been keeping track up to where indexing was complete, but if you've been using page numbers, that would probably be important.

Sorry for the inconvenience - hadn't really thought about that before screening. :/

Hey! Yeah, I figured it was something like that. I should have thought of that possibility - we've hit a lot of problems as a result (people have been doing one or two pages somewhere in the middle, so since they shifted around, a ton of links have been doubled up and/or missed completely). Because we've got thousands of links already, there's not really any way to go through and find out which ones we've missed, so I think I might just have to post a use-at-your-own-risk warning and hope that people who see their links missing will step forward.

But anyway, thank you so much for the work you've been doing on this! Screening the comments makes the posts a lot easier to navigate, which probably outweighs the technical difficulties it caused in compiling. ;)

Hoooooooooooooly crap you guys are amazing. <3

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