just an incorrigibly happy person (eponymous_rose) wrote in help_haiti,
just an incorrigibly happy person

Word Offerings Compilation Help Needed!

As you may have noticed, a few of us have been going through and indexing the three word offering posts - you can see the results thus far here, where it is much easier to search by fandom or author for that fic you're just dying to bid on. Unfortunately, we're falling behind, and since the end of the auction looms, we'd love to have some help compiling these lists!

All that's required is the ability to copy-paste into a Google Doc, and to stare at a screen for some time without going cross-eyed. ;) Drop me a PM and I'll set you up with a page of comments to work on, as well as the links to the Google Docs so that you can edit them. Let me know when you finish your page, and, if you're feeling adventurous, I'll assign you another. Simple as that!

Thank you so much, everyone. This is an amazing undertaking. ♥

Please note that general questions should be directed to the question post here!

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