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A Fandom Auction to help Haiti recover

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Today would be...
No Actual Spoilers, Deathly Hallows, DH Archive, Ready, Neo
heidi8 wrote in help_haiti
A terrific day to scroll through the various Offering threads and bid on something that has no bids yet. There are some fantastic Offerings on random pages that may've been overlooked, or perhaps you've been outbid on something and haven't had a chance to page back through the Offerings to see if something terrific catches your eye.

But this round of the Auction closes in just over 24 hours, so it's the perfect time to bid on a shiny, generously donated Offering.

: imaginarycircus has created a list of Offerings in all the categories (other than Misc.) that would love to have bids (or at least, that was their status as of about 4 PM today...)!

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An excellent idea! (although I'm scared to jinx myself and bid on something else because, as of right now, I have one last thing that I'm still winning in the bidding)

Just over 24 hours ... so, what, noon Eastern time? I am confused ...

Yes, the auction will close tomorrow at noon EST. Or 5 pm UTC/GMT, to anyone who might need that info. :o)

Planning on doing this tonight.

I gave up the ghost in Something Interesting, but made it through all the other categories. I started from the last page and worked backwards. So if you want to start there--have at it.

Is there going to be another round after this one?

I was actually thinking of doing this myself! Fantastic idea :)

I went through all the major categories in that post. If anyone wants to pickup where I died that would be awesome.

:) I don't think I'm on any of the lists...so hopefully someone comes by my auction! If not, I'll participate in the next one :D

You can share your URLs here and we can add them to the lists if you still don't have any bids...

I can add you to my list if you point me towards your comment. I know I missed some.

Thanks. I added you to the art section.

littlewolfstar said:

I have compiled a list of fanartists who didn't get a single bid yet HERE at my journal. This only includes fanarts but not graphics or any other artistry items though.

Feel free to link should you feel it can be helpful to some people! :)


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